Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Currently I am listening to Nina Simone…damn I am indeed Young, Gifted, and Black..

So much has been going on. First one of my artist—Draztic (see below) we released his cd on my label yep—I started my own label. Actually I’ve always had it but now seems like a good of a time as any to promote it.
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His CD overall is good. Him and I have two completely different styles..I’m Commonish…he’s… young. Lol

I think with experience comes growth and retrospect for life so your views are different. Make sense? It should you are all incredibly smart. That’s why I read your blogs. Keeps me elevated.

I am still working on my own cd. I have put all others to the backburner. I guess that sucks. But—you know I can’t collab with every tom dick and hank while I am trying to complete my project.

My CD is called…Two Weeks Notice: I quit. It took me a little while to think of a concept. But then I realized sometimes music and I have this love/hate relationship. We have a forbidden affair that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I didn’t want to make a “mixtape,” screw it… so I decided I quit.. and that’s the concept of my mixtape. It basically starts with my notice…follows me thru quitting various things…my job, my relationships, etc. Good concept but let’s see how it goes..

I lent (is that a word?) a friend my sis’ poetry book. I haven’t seen it since. I am pissed.. But I guess she needed it more than I did. So…guess what? I am gonna buy another one. But I am gonna be slightly pissed when I look at her.


*drops mic*


T.C. said...

i like the concept...so make sure you hit us up with the information when you get it done

Tom_Gurl said...

I love the concept of your new cd...good luck with it! :)

I hate it when your lend someone something and you don't get it back! That IRKS the heck outta me!

Honey-Libra said...

Nice...you know your gonna have to sent me a sample LOL

Umm I'm surprised you didnt throw the mic haha..let me stop.

JustMeWriting said...

I love that title...girl, you'd betta get to promoting ya thing. I'm not into rap like that, but I going to be waiting for your release...FORREAL!