Tuesday, April 29, 2008



So on Saturday I was home in Columbus, GA visiting some family. My mother and I went to the RITE AID ON MACON RD formerly CVS & Eckerds---you KNOW THE ONE RIGHT ACROSS FROM BREWSTER’S ICE CREAM!!! I am strolling down the toy aisle as I tend to do, wondering should I get the game of “Life” and whoop my little brother’s a$$ ….but at $24.99 I opted not to. So I continue down the aisle reading the magazines (yep I am the one who reads them before I buy them lol). I drop the magazines and move over to the color books, anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with coloring.

So I pick up a few hot new coloring books when I spot it….who in the hell told Crayola to create 96 CRAYONS WITH A SHARPENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell??? I am sitting here thinking my sh!t don’t stink because I got the 64 WITH the sharpener in the back and low and behold I have been bamboozled, hijacked, shanked in the side!!!! What the hell???? 32 more crayons than I have ever seen? OMG, I am devastated…. I run back to the pharmacy where my mom is and show her---I then proceed to walk around the entire store trying to figure out how this travesty occurred. Looking, comparing, and analyzing which crayons I don’t have. Ugh, I am devastated. Okay and maybe it isnt RITE AIDS FAULT...BUT FOR NOW THEY TAKE THE BLAME STUPID HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drops Mic I am pissed.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Addictions....

It seems like with gas prices I should be less addicted...but I am not. I copped both pairs of these this weekend. The lower ones are the Nike Women's Pinstripe Blazer OMG their fly!!!! Yessir I still say Fly. The above ones are the Nike Blazer Plaid edition...I really wanted the Nike Blazer High Lemon Frost----but them shits was too high however they are still beautiful.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Police not guilty in groom's death

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A judge acquitted three New York Police Department detectives of all charges Friday morning in the shooting death of an unarmed man in a 50-bullet barrage, hours before he was to be married.

Detectives Michael Oliver and Gescard Isnora were found not guilty of charges of manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment in the death of Sean Bell, 23, and the wounding of two of his friends.

Detective Marc Cooper was acquitted of reckless endangerment.

Justice Arthur Cooperman said he found problems with the prosecution's case. He said some prosecution witnesses contradicted themselves, and he cited prior convictions and incarcerations of witnesses.

He also cited the demeanor of some witnesses on the stand.

As the judge read his decision, Nicole Paultre Bell -- Sean Bell's fiancee before his death -- ran from the courtroom, saying, "I've got to get out of here."

The announcement immediately sparked anger among some in the crowd outside the courthouse.

The Rev. Al Sharpton called for calm Wednesday. He was accompanied by Bell's fiancee and other supporters on the steps of City Hall.

Bell, 23, was killed just before dawn on his wedding day, November 25, 2006. He and several friends were winding up an all-night bachelor party at the Kalua Club in Queens, a strip club that was under investigation by a NYPD undercover unit looking into complaints of guns, drugs and prostitution.

Undercover detectives were inside the club, and plain-clothes officers were stationed outside.

Witnesses said that about 4 a.m., closing time, as Bell and his friends left the club, an argument broke out. Believing that one of Bell's friends, Joseph Guzman, was going to get a gun from Bell's car, one of the undercover detectives followed the men and called for backup.

What happened next was at the heart of the trial, prosecuted by the assistant district attorney in Queens.

Bell, Guzman and Trent Benefield got into the car, with Bell at the wheel. The detectives drew their weapons, said Guzman and Benefield, who testified that they never heard the plain-clothes detectives identify themselves as police.

Bell was in a panic to get away from the armed men, his friends testified.

But the detectives thought Bell was trying to run down one of them, according to their lawyers, believed that their lives were in danger and started shooting.

In a frantic 911 call, police can be heard saying, "Shots fired. Undercover units involved."

A total of 50 bullets were fired by five NYPD officers. Only three were charged with crimes.

Oliver, who reloaded his semiautomatic in the middle of the fray, fired 31 times, Isnora fired 11 times, and Cooper, whose leg was brushed by Bell's moving car, fired four times, the NYPD said.

No gun was found near Bell or his friends.

Soon after his death, Bell's fiancee, Nicole Paultre, legally changed her name to Nicole Paultre Bell. She is now raising the couple's two daughters, ages 5 and 1.

"I tell [them] that Daddy's in heaven now," she said. "He's watching over us. He's our guardian angel. He's going to be here to protect us and make sure nothing happens to us."

Detectives Endowment Association President Michael Palladino said forensic and scientific evidence presented during the seven-week trial contradicts the testimony of prosecution witnesses.

But Paultre Bell's father, Lester Paultre, said, "For those naysayers who say the police was doing their job, they should imagine their child in that car being shot by the police for no reason."

Paultre Bell, Guzman and Benefield have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in federal court that has been stayed pending the outcome of the criminal trial. Guzman was shot 16 times, and four bullets, too dangerous to remove, remain in his body, according to his lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein.

Federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York have been monitoring the trial. In the event of an acquittal, it is likely authorities would conduct a review to determine whether there were any civil rights violations. All three victims were African-American

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is Music to me?

Music is

My Love
My Pain
My Hustle
My Struggle
My Success
My Downfall
My Happiness
My Stress
My Structure
My Breakdown
My Savior
My Corruption
My Faith
My Atheist
My Heaven
My Hell
My Glory
My Fall
My Story
My Fiction
My Water
My Dehydration
My Air
My Last Breathe
My LifeMy Death
My Dedication
My Impatience
My Ambition
My Procrastination

Everything I go thru to be where I wanna be the struggle is worth it....

Oh yeah some people wanted to see the pics from the Jay Z concert, I am too lazy to post them but you can look on www.myspace.com/chanakacdot and they are there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Heart Of The City....

"I'm taking out this time
To give you a piece of my mind
Who do you think you are
Baby one day you'll be a star
But until the last day, I'm the one who's crazy
'Cause that's the way you making me feel (can't knock the hustle)
I don't want no romance, I just want the chance
Can't knock the hustle for real"- Jay-Z featuring Mary J. Blige Can't Knock the Hustle

So I spent my Saturday in Greensboro-enjoying the "Heart Of The City Tour," I will be the first to admit I am not the biggest Mary fan, I mean I used to be. But I kinda fell off, I can easily admit that. Anyway---the concert has completely restored my faith in her. Both Mary and Jay killlllllled it. The set opened with them on a screen each talking about the others impact on music--then they both appeared simultaneously performing, "Can't knock the Hustle," Mary shouts Jay & B out with the congratulations and Jay exits stage left. Mary then performs a pleather yes I said pleather of her old hits---You're all I need, No More Drama, I am Going Down, and the list goes on and on.....She then does Real Love and Hov comes out and does Nice (from Nice and Smooth's) rap Clas---sick!

Jay comes out and does he set---and murders it. Memphis Bleek joins him on stage (I've always been a Bleek fan) hands down...overall good show. One problem- no camera's were allowed and they searched you to make sure you didn't bring in a cam. So two of my friends had to go all the way back to the car to put away camera's. Did I have a cam? Guess they didn't search hard enough huh....

You see the pics and if u got me on myspace YOU SEE THE PICS. KICK ROCKS I'M MY OWN PAPARAZZI

Anywho Happy Hump Day Homies.