Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

On 02/10/2008 my beloved Sidekick 3 was killed in a fatal car accident. I have been so completely devastated. I mean how do you replace something that was so near and dear to your heart?? My most accomplished moments were captured on its sweet little 1.3 Megapixel eye… Not to mention all of our sweetest melodies were relaxed on a sweet 2gig SD card. *SIGH* Alas our love affair is over…. I called the coroner (Asurion) to report his death….Surely they could not replace him. No…I cannot bare to touch another SK3’s keys…the pain would just be too much. Alas….the representative feeble attempts to console me are brightened when I hear….ma’am…we offer you a brand new SK SLIDE….Hmmm look at it's's sleeker than my previous love, the screen is so much more micro sd fits snug inside it's belly...*gasp* the melodies are back. They vision impaired eye shows my accomplished moments (aka random shots of me doing nothing, eating something, or taking a picture in the inside of my pocket because I forgot to keyguard...) Oh how my hope has been restored in the world again.

RIP SK3 we had a great run....06/28/2006-02-10/2008

Welcome to the family Sidekick Slide

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well ok...

I don't know if you can see the pic but Britney is almost platinum....almost 1million sold....

That's all I have to say today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am....So hip hop...

I bought these shirts....ya dig?

I notice I only really update/post on Thursdays real update tomorrow I guess lol.

By the way I got the shirts from: stop by and show them some support.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

So about hip hop being dead.....(let's see how this goes)

I decided to address the hip hop is dead post. I got a million text opinions etc…
Since this is my soap box screw it.

My opinion…

*Kicks off Nikes leans back in chair and daydreams……. *

Is hip hop dead? I don’t know, the love and respect for the culture just may be. Remember when everything you did or said was hip hop?? When you dressed like a B-boy or B-girl, your shoes had phat fly laces….you used the word “fly…” Battling on the mic was like the Superbowl… breakdancing in the middle of the street at night was fresh… When Common Used to love her, Tribe Called Quest-Left their Wallet in the El Segundo, LONS (leaders of the new school), had a Scenario and Busta was his most animated? When all people wanted was…to be heard?

Flava Flav was on some other shit…not some “other shit like Briget Nielsen other shit..” BUT SOME OTHER SHIT OTHER SHIT…some fight the power, get off your ass type shit…

Every other topic wasn’t about killin’ or money because the essence of the whole culture was beyond that?! So what if I am broke with no car I am on the bus with a dollar, a record, and a damn dream.

I know this Dj, he’s been dj’ing longer than I’ve been on the planet. He tells me amazing stories about how when he lived in the Bronx, they used to plug their equipment into a light pole get on a roof and just party. Do that now and someone is liable to get killed…

Is hip hop dead?? I doubt it…but it may be on serious life support.. will my mixtape influence any of that? I don't know...but I am on the marta, with a dollar, a cd, and a damn dream and I just want to be heard.

*drops mic*