Friday, July 27, 2007

I used to be married to a man by the name of Music…

but it's over now…he's in an abusive relationship and there's nothing I can do about it.


Dear World,


I put my heart in a box and handed it to you


But nobody wants that responsibility....who would've thought lil ol' me could impact so many souls and I haven't even spoke one word.  Press a couple keys and write a couple lyrics now everybody knows you inside out.  Put on a couple fake smiles and do what they want and now everybody wishes they were you.  Are you sure you want that?  Last time I checked I was on the chopping block....Judge gave me 2-4 and after that yelled Life.  That mallet being slammed into that wooden panel was probably one of the most relieving moments of my life.  Looking over at the jury who held my life in their hands just to say one word, and take it away.....guilty.  No, I didn't break the law...but then again most people who receive a sentence were "innocent" right?  Last thing I remember happening was me being born a prodigy.  Kid too smart for this world so God had to find a way to tell me to slow down....this is it.  Ultimate sacrifice, your life for someone else's.   Yeah I'm fine for the time being, thanks for asking....but the judge wrote out the rest of my life....I don't think I'll get out on good behavior, but I can try to fight my way out.  You can't change fate but destiny is always open for new things.  So now I have to make a choice...and I for today, fuck yesterday and tomorrow might just be that much better.

I put my heart in a box and handed it to the world....nah....I'll just place it in the ocean and let it take sail with the's safer out there on its own anyways.....I'll catch up with it when tomorrow comes.  Let's see if this jury was correct with their verdict.

My mixtape is coming soon…




Thursday, July 26, 2007

How come? Huh? Okay at least I am updating..


How come I didnt know that Kroger still made "Squirt," soda..and who the heck buys it?

How come I dont know what the hell "DROP RED," soda is ..and again...who buys it?

AND FINALLY THE HUMANITY!!!!MY GOD!! Do you see what that says??? GROUND BISON. TENDER BISON!!! WHAT THE HELL??? WHO EATS BISON.. I had to stop and text message Jus Butterfli (JUSSY B!!!) like stat!!! to find out who in the hell eats that!

Kicks rocks and faints...

Stay tuned I got something to say...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picture this... (A conversation based on pic from the Sidekick 3

This is how I started my Monday

It's not my car it's my friend's car. Not just any friend. One of those Iknewyousincethedaybeforeforever friends. One of those Icouldntimaginemylifewithoutyou friends. So..he calls are you in Columbus or Atlanta? Um...I'm at home in Atlanta laying on the floor (don't ask..) what do you want? My car just had the worst flat!! Really?? Where... NEWNAN on my way home from Columbus. What??? Yes I went to Columbus to get some from my ex...*Insert the whatthehellface? You couldn't find any in Atlanta?? Ugh, I was going to call out anyway. So I pull myself up from the best sleep ever throw on some clothes and head over. To assist him. I live on exit....20 something. (Sorry stalkers no exact numbers..) Almost by GA 400 he was in NEWNAN. Damn what a way to start a Monday. Oh one quick statement look at that tire...c'mon that didnt just happen. People lets service our cars and make sure our tires are in proper order.

This is one of the reasons I was laid out on the floor...A CRACK SHAKE. What had happened was lol. I walk into the Crack dealer..hmmm what do I want? Let me see.... Cashier guy says--hey we're about to close would you like a Crack shake... (music plays, heaven opens up, Jesus kisses me, the devil kicks rocks, birds chirp, bees are buzzing and a happy...) End scene.

Because I had to give the school all of this ^^^^^^ my car gas tank looked like this:

Hello Marta--yeah pick me up stat!

This is my dog Gizmo G. Sanford who pissed me off this weekend..why you ask?? Because she jumped into this bucket which actually had mud in it because my 8 year old brother was making mud pies....She is a Shitzu..but in this picture she just looks like Sh*t... little b*tch!

This is 2/3's of what had me laid out on the floor. Sushi. My God I loved Sushi... This was made fresh by the good people at Chin Chin #7 which I just recently found out existed.

And finally

The last reason I was laid out...this isnt from my phone but this is the same Lazer tag my little brother has!!!!! Why because my mom doesnt throw away toys so guess what?? We had it when were little back in 85 my brother is playing with it and I damn near died playing with him.

*Drops Mic*

PS..I will try to update more consistently and address some real ish this week.....


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Randomness/How comes?

*How come I am typing this in Microsoft Word which basically means I have found a way to shuck the man?

*Hey who says Shuck aside from me?

*How come someone owes me money because not only did my family forget my birthday but they had a BBQ and forgot to invite me?! (With you living in Atlanta we tend to forget you.) Who the hell says that? My sister lives in AZ and calls and tells me what's going on!

*How come I see $40,000 checks, $5,000 checks, and $25,000 checks come thru this office but my check has no commas?

*How come I wish I was a little taller?

*How come this random chick is hating on me for no reason? How come I know why…her husband cheats, her mom dislikes her, her 8 year old still pees in the bed and I am still cooler than a polar bears toenails! KICK ROCKS mother of the pee pee boy!

*How come my mixtape concept is hotter than hot in my own opinion so I find myself listening to my intro and saying ha ha ha suckas!

*How come the A&R said..any label will love and hate this concept.

*How come I said I don't give a flying…..fig. J

*How come I am playing T.I. My Swag over and over and thinking this Chorus is about me.

* They wanna know what's so special about her// Why they not like her// It's my swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag*//How she looks so cool// when everyone tries to do what she do// It's my swaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. LOL!

*How come I want that instrumental so bad just so I can do something messy for my mixtape?

(Cause I'm still a rapper—and as my sis Jussy B would say Don't act Brand new you already knew..)

*How come everything that can go wrong is but I feel like I'm living the good life?

*How come I have yet to get one muthafreakin' bowl of Mac N Cheese and I feel like murdering someone before I slave in the kitchen and make my own?

*How come I officially decided to be single and now everyone is calling?

*How come I have something really important to address in the next couple of blogs and if people don't read now…they are really going to stop after this.


Tru story..I'm out.