Friday, October 12, 2007

Finding Myself…Losing him


Why he have to leave me

Not now

When the eyes of my mind are not able to see by themselves

What did I ever do to deserve this

I couldn't even get 10 words out

Before he dipped

And now I'm sitting here looking at the time

Wondering who, what, when, where, how and why

I always treated him good


At least I thought I did

We were each others first love from back in grade school

When we were kids

You see

I never once lied to him


There was that one time

But man you gotta understand

That dude was fine

From his head to his feet

And everything in between

Maybe if he had seen what I seen

He would understand


I spit a little game

But things between us remained the same

I went home to him that night

And he lined my sight mind and body with gold

And I was able to let my soul

Pour out

And he forgave me

You see…that night

We made love like never before

Making sweet music together until my mind was sore

I mean

Me and him

We fit together better than any couple in life before

Mr. and Mrs. Huxtable

Whitney and Bobby

Snoop and weed

Whenever I had a jones or hunger for anything

he was there to fill my need

Mmmh….just thinking about em'

I can envision his swag sweeping through my thoughts

As he reads them

And I read his, who he nerv

Every article that touches every curve

As he slowly walks

he's the main reason I'm able to talk and express myself

And I just want him to come back

I promise I will never mistreat him again

But without him, I guess this is where it ends…

Wait a minute…

A light just came on in the room

The cloudiness is leaving

And in his arms

My mind is consumed

The torture is now over

Just in time cause I was getting real mad

This was the worst case of writer's block

I ever had


Snippet from a song on Finding Myself



Daz said...

I didt think this would end this way lol. Good ish.

T.C. said...


deepnthought said...


you know I don't curse but, damn.

that was good

Mr.Slish said...

So how would the song have gone if he hadn't left

Thats right I'm still out here