Thursday, November 15, 2007


Back when I moved into my townhouse, a girl I'd known for some time from school was having some issues. Well since I had this big townhouse, I figured why not let her stay with me for a couple of weeks/months or whatever to get herself together she's cool, into music as well, so she wouldn't be a problem. Plus she can have the basement which means in a three story home we'd rarely see each other anyway.

She moves in all her stuff and we have a heart to heart..okay I know you guys are thinking the hater had a heart to heart—you're right I just sat there and stared into space thinking about random things that make me laugh. Like that cat that shows up when you Google kick rocks lol. Anywho..She moves in all this stuff including a box of brand new baby clothes. WTF? Maybe she is preggers? IDK

Fast forward to present day… she lost her job around late August early September and hasn't been able to contribute to the bills. Did I kick her out? Na, she'd been helping here and there and technically I really didn't KNOW she was unemployed at the time. Any who, she stops paying all together and basically ducking and dodging me.

*Insert Does she not realize I am loco face here*

So I just let her know plain and simple "shawty, you gotta pay or go"

She says I will get the money. But never does, and eventually her grateful attitude becomes---an attitude period, nothing more nothing less. Hmmm. So the other night around 3ish..I hear all this noise, hello I live on the third floor I am not getting out of my bed to see what is going on instead I turn on the camera..yeah shawty we high tech. I see her friends are moving her out. Eh whatever good riddens to bad rubbish. I go back to sleep wake up and realize everything is gone except her clothes and a few miscellaneous items here and there. Again whatever…except she comes home like everything is normal.

*Insert whatdaheckisgoingonaroundhere face*

Anyway, we talk I explain she has to leave she says she knows and will be about the first..NOV 1st. Needless to say her ALL her clothes etc are still here so what else could I do? I had to let them stay in my living room..

YEAH RIGHT! This me, Con Inc. # 1 hater---chick please. I changed the locks, reprogrammed the garage door openers, put all her clothes in the garage. Shawty you will get your clothes when I get my money. Ha! That even made me laugh!

So now fast forward to Monday 11/12/2007—knock on my door girl with a familiar face but I can't figure out why says—excuse me is TR2 here? Me-No she no longer resides here. Girl starts to cry..WTF? She says look TR2 is my mom WTF? I just want to pick up my daughters clothes? Me-Shawty come in for a minute. Can't have all this drama outside in my lily white neighborhood. These people like me! Now what did you say? Girl proceeds to tell me, she's 16 TR2 is her mother, and she is preggers and wanted to pick up the box of new baby clothes left by TR2.

*Insert dramatic music here*

Turns out the clothes in the closet were not for TR2 who I suspected was preggers but for her Grand TR2 is a 29 year old with a 16 year old with a GRANDdaughter on the way who is pursuing a music/acting career/spending most of her time on myspace with no home…..This some Jerry Springer Ish.

PS did I mention TR2 is dating a married man who's wifey came to our house while ol boy was upstairs….er um…Laying pipe?? Or that TR2 is an "up and coming gospel singer" whoooooo weeeeeeeeee.

I am sure there is more to come….


Daz said...

LMAO! 29 and a grandmother..girrll stop

I love the way you tell a story

Mae B. said...

I cant wait this is juicy.

deepnthought said...

you know you are only up the street. Do I need to come up there with my blade?

T.C. said...

this is too much...NO MORE roomies...Ok...ok!
now keep us posted

Tom_Gurl said...

I did the math-TR2 was 13 when she had that chile!

Funny ass story though...

tjeanise said...

WoW- That's a whole lot of drama...damn...