Thursday, June 26, 2008

How come...

Random Thoughts From The Desk (Ok Sidekick) of Con Inc..

* How come after you're freshly showered and clean it's more apparent when someone else is smelly.

* How come I got friends who forget to call me during the goodtimes, but I carry them during their bad?

* How come this dude does not smell himself?

*How come this lil kid got a "scoop" hair cut.

* How come I saw TI out and about and he like my height...ok taller than me but not by much.

* How come Steve Harvey cracks me the hell up??

* How come Holcomb Bridge Park is waaaay away from me but rocks!

*How come this dude pit hairs next to me makes me want to braid them?

*How come my birthday Sunday and I know I will top last year because the celebration starts tomorrow bitches!


Eb the Celeb said...

Happy belated birthday!

T.C. said...

happy birthSday lil one!

Tom_Gurl said...

Happy belated b'day!!!

I know the feeling about the friends forgetting you through the good's annoying isn't it??