Thursday, November 13, 2008


I wasn't going to update..but finally I decided to.

I met Travis a few years ago, I never really "liked" him per say. Well I did but--he was so attractive I thought...he doesn't go for the average "jeans & t-shirt," chick like me. But he did. After a few years of being one of my closest friends he became, my soul. On October 2nd, my soul died. In a war that I have to support because my sister is headed over there on 11.24.08.

For the past few weeks, I haven't said or done...anything. I've alienated my friends, because bullshit arguments about this or that with their bf's seemed so stupid. So irrelevant. At least he was there for you to argue with. Idk.. I guess I don't really have much to say...But

I am still alive, and I will try to blog because...maybe that will help. I really don't know. But for now...I am just consumed, overwhelmed, sad, afraid.......alone.

Those of u who have my # I tried to text all of u so that I could give you my new # w/ at & t if I forgot u...please forgive me....I still love u all.




Damian said...

Whats up C? I had heard about this from Chris. I hope you know I am here for u....send me the new #

678 966 2211

Tom_Gurl said...

Wow-I'm so sorry...I have no words...but you have my email addy whenever you want to use it...


JustMeWriting said...

Oh honey, I'm so so sorry to hear about your lost. I have a million and two things I'd like to say to you...encourage you and help lift your spirit, but NOTHING can really take away the pain; it all just seems extra. I know only to pray for God to be a comforter to you.

When my grandma died, I sat up in my bed and cried all night long and I remember thinking - dag, what ever happened to crying yourself to sleep? But sleep just never seemed to come. Time DOES heal all, so just keep pressing on day by day and I'll be over here praying for you.

Philly's Andrea said...

Wow, I don't know you and have only come across your blog a few times but i want u 2 know that my prayers go out 2 u. i can only imagine what u r going this time u should pull toward your family and remember that your memories will at times be your best friend and other times, your worst nightmere but hold on to them because they are all u have.

remember, time heals all wombs.
i lost my mom 2years ago and i thought everyday the pain would kill me but I'M STILL STANDING~monica.