Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is Music to me?

Music is

My Love
My Pain
My Hustle
My Struggle
My Success
My Downfall
My Happiness
My Stress
My Structure
My Breakdown
My Savior
My Corruption
My Faith
My Atheist
My Heaven
My Hell
My Glory
My Fall
My Story
My Fiction
My Water
My Dehydration
My Air
My Last Breathe
My LifeMy Death
My Dedication
My Impatience
My Ambition
My Procrastination

Everything I go thru to be where I wanna be the struggle is worth it....

Oh yeah some people wanted to see the pics from the Jay Z concert, I am too lazy to post them but you can look on www.myspace.com/chanakacdot and they are there.


Anonymous said...

So little but so much....

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Music is my release!!!!!!!!!! It's nothing like writing a song or being in the studio...I truly experience love making while freestyling from the heart with a live band playing behind me.....

T.C. said...

me likey...