Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Ducks Lackey....

Man it's been a minute since I updated, so! Maybe I wanted to leave you cliff hanging!

Anyway-my new job is cool no complaints thus far. All the people are even amazing.

Now the recap on the Duck's Lackey The T.R to come later...

First at the duck's HQ we all signed a "Ethics form," for those of you not familar, an Ethics form is a form that basically says I rep the duck and I will behave myself. So, when I moved to Atlanta and began working under the Lackey I expected the same respect. For the most part I got it...however once the lackey began dating his female counterpart she didn't care for me. Looking back I wonder did the fact that his fiance like me cause a problem? Or maybe it could be that she ( the female lackey) spews Bible quotes and proclaims Christian but sleeps w/an engaged man? Idk either way she did her best to sh!t on me. But you can't out hate a hater... My mom always said don't fight even...fight to win. So after weeks of crap, I went in on a Sunday completed my work so I left no shoe untied no I undotted and then I quit, but first I called my moms BFF who's a very high person in the Duck's HQ's and explained the situation. AT (my moms friend) took care of it and a week before Employee appreciation he was demoted. What's funny is, I've always believed that if you mess w/someone sinner or saint if they believe in God, and have a strong religous or spiritual beliefs then you're f*cked. I mean the Bible does say touch not mine annointed ones right? How does that play in? Well the lackey's whore advised him to get a camera in the office to watch me since he's gone often. Then they had sex in the same office, when it came time to "prove," he was being unethical, the tape itself told. And since he was working on closing a huge account, Coca Cola...they no longer want to work with him..which ultimately cost him and the Duck Millions... Funny how that worked out huh?

Kick Rocks.

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Wow! What a trip.