Monday, May 12, 2008

Stay time to chat right now

Omg so much happened in a week.. I am too lazy to update but here's the briefing....

-Walked out of my job. Never done anything like that before but it was time for a change, there's only so much abuse you can take. Also reported the Duck's lackey to the Duck's Headquarters and wow...change actually happened. Long story short-he's been demoted.

-The T.R. for those who frequent my blog...(TR-Trifling roommate) the first one you know the slore...aka cumbucket man I got a story about my weekend adventure involving her. LOL. But again not now children....

-Started a new job within 3 days of leaving my job........feeling good feeling great.

So for the most is moving.....and I am moving with it.


jus butterfli said...

hey you!

you GOTTA tell me what happened with the lackey!! ohhh, i'm so fuckin' curious right now!! (hehehe)

anyway... stoppin' thru to show some love. tryin' to do betta with this bloggin' thang... i miss it and you guys.

are you still a hater? you didn't mention anything about that... jus wonderin'. (LOL)

i love you! i miss you! i'm out! peace!

jus butterfli said...

OMG!! it has been a minute since i've been here... i was gettin' ready to exit and then i saw the blog roll and HAD to double back when i saw the link to my page!!

My Sister, a bully, and an amazing writer??? HAHAHAHA...

i'm all over the "amazing writer" part; but jus because i'm the boss of you (and i take my position seriously), that DOES NOT make me a bully!! LOL

now... i'm really gone this time!

T.C. said...

okay you have GOTS to come back and tell us all about it...because i NEEDS to know!

CONGRATS on the new job...totally happy that you are moving with life!

Anonymous said...

I'm really Glad i ran across this blog.Added to my bookmark!