Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ha! part 2 found my post saved in my phone!!!

Ha, found my post which was for Monday in my sidekick slizzzziii whoo!

This weekend I got a much needed break, I was off Saturday and Sunday after consistently working 17 days straight. Of course something had to occur if I'm blogging about it lol..

Friday: I had dinner and drinks with some friends (sounds so sophisticated doesn't it?) It was good conversation, food, drinks, and laughs..I can't complain.

Saturday: I grabbed my laptop, m-audio and me and Champ worked on some material for his new album and I worked on a few beats and some material for my STILL incomplete cd. We got a lot done and finished about...3.

Then my dude came over (highlight of my day!), between his schedule and mine our time together is quite minimal so what did we do during this special one on one time? Fall asleep. He came over we then we fell asleep..until my stomach started growling! Lol not his just mine. So I begged and he got up went to Spaghetti Wherehouse and brought home take out *yummm* and then we.....slept.

After a much needed relaxing day I was ready to not only get my Jesus on but to also prepare for the week ahead. During the preparation mom texts me. (Insert happy face my mom can text!) But then I read the message! "Con, can you come home. Your cuzzo was in an accident in Waycross totaled her car, and needs a ride home to NC" I text her back. "Hell no, thanks!" Ugh but my conscious eats at me and I drag my bones out of bed..drive 6 hours to Waycross pick her and her two kids up (one who's 3 and keeps singing twinkle twinkle little star louder than the radio) and her 12 year old crybaby son. We get going on the road and the three year old girl cold cocks her big brother right in the eye. What does he do? Cry...I look at my babes and tell him I can't take it, we pull over at the slowest Burger King ever..I think they actually called the King he came from Burger King Land, slaughtered the animals, and prepared the meals. Sucks but I had to have a veggie burg...and not kill my little cuzzo's while their mom sat in the back and texts away..anyway we drive back, everyone falls asleep except my babes who's doing random things to keep me awake...and after 6 hours I make it back to my beautiful, ugly, city, Atlanta at 7:57a with enough time to kiss my babes, watch him leave , (thank God PT was optional today... ) shower, and get to work..to type this...

Somehow in my exhaustion I'm thinking this is going to be a long week.

Ugh Kick Rocks!


Anonymous said...

Wow, doesnt it always work that way...it couldn't have happened on Saturday when you had alll Sunday to rest!

Kayla said...

Wow that sucks! Glad you made it home safe.

Tom_Gurl said...

Man! Don't you just hate your conscience sometimes!! You could've easily have done without that mad journey on Sunday!

Glad you got back home safely though!!

And yay on the reg-u-lar posting!!

Daz said...

That part about Burger King funny as hell

T.C. said...

priceless...being a good person you always are...head up you did the right thing...