Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Told You Tom Gurl!

I told you I would blog more Tom Gurl!


Life has been consistently inconsistent for me as usual, my birthday was ok. I have been hard at work (not) on my cd. I've been working or (not) working on my Cd for about a year. Why am I still at a standstill? I guess because it's my child…my baby. I am giving birth to my creativity and letting it bare my soul naked... That's a little scary. I actually decided to put myself on a deadline. So hopefully it will work well for me, wish me luck. Two blogs in the same week…I told you Tom Gurl.


Kick Rocks!


Tom_Gurl said...

You make it sound like I'm pressurising you! lol (glad it's working!! lol)

Take your can't rush creative genius! When the CD drops you'll KNOW that it'll be the shit cos you took time on it....put your all in it!! Give birth to it...and watch it grow!

Tom_Gurl said...

LMMFAO-I just saw the title of this post!!

Just HAD to prove me wrong huh?

Anonymous said...

Alright-I am glad u r back! Fore

Anonymous said...

Gosh, my message cut off I meant For Real this time!

Anonymous said...

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