Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's wrong with this pic...dont worry I will tell you

So I took the liberty of copying this text from my SK Slizzi because I choose to rant about it
In case the font is too small for you guys it says:

"Drove by your mom house saw your car guess you 2 f*ckin good now to call your friends? I drove by three times saw you and Taylor outside playing..I got u. Guess if my name aint Travis I get no time."

I blacked out the idiots name and number but posted the msg because this person lurks around my blog and I definitely want this to be read but I am not going to blast anyone's actual number well I might but not this person...for now. Anyway there are so many things wrong with this text msg....

But I will just pick my top 3 and end this with a hearty f*ck off.

1. Don't ever......ever.....ever......mention my little brother name.
Sayin his name is like saying please come kick my a$$. ..I need it. Trust me you don't want to go there and I don't want to take you...but I will.

2. Don't ever ever....ever....ever...ever ever ever compare your company with that company of my dude.
F*ck you think you are?

3. Who the hell drives by someone's house three times??
Stalker sh!t homie...stalker sh!t....

Dang something else I wanted to say but my phone rung...what was it......*scratches head*
oh yea...

F*ck off

Please and thank you.


Beautiful said...

That is some stalker crazy stuff. Be careful putting folks on blast. Be well.

Anonymous said...

That's crazy. Its rare I see u blast someone and I'm always on your site but sometimes ppl just do not get it! Three times?! Wtf?

T.C. said...

yea that was indeed totally EXTRA as hell...i mean really extra as hell...

Tom_Gurl said...

Wow-Con Inc is MAAAAAAAD!! But forreal though-no normal person would drive by someone's mother's house 3 times...why would you do that?

Screw him/her Con...keep doing YOU!

Anonymous said...

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