Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life....dirty socks...and Drake

Since I am bored at work, now is the time to blog….I guess. I haven’t been up to much of anything, I still live in the wood (the affectionate slang name I have given Dunwoody) and I am still alive. Monday marked 4 months since my boyfriend died, and I think for the most part I am ok. Sometimes I get angry but I am slowly learning with age how to control that. I can’t blame my friends when they have tedious complaints because it’s not their fault he died….and again I am working on that.Music is going ok, I am finally back at it. I had stopped for months. I just didn’t feel motivated and my number 1 fan wasn’t around anymore…but I am back and working on my mixtape which is called—Calculated Confessions I chose this title because I think each song –that I am working on I chose exact moments in my life to write those songs and really express my thoughts on it. It’s not really a “drop this song because it’s hot cd” its more for----ok I really don’t know who its for but hopefully people like it. I tried to capture my inner—Common, Lupe, Jill Scott, Roots Drake------à OMG let’s talk about Drake man this dude is the flyest thing walking...Everyone who knows me knows I am good for promoting indie people whom I love….DRAKE IS MY FAVE RIGHT NOW. He’s in my cd player right as we speak!

Do your ears a favor and check him out.

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T.C. said...

i luv Drake...i was pleasantly surprised...