Friday, February 6, 2009

~Rambles, QT, and the RED ROOSTER RUSH~

Today on lunch I went to QT with a couple of friends-why is it that we walk around that gas station as though it’s the greatest restaurant on earth?? It’s no restaurant…. What is wrong with us?

Speaking of which----why in the world are their sodas so cheap?! A 22oz for .69??? And why do we mix it up?? Why didn’t that stop at like age 21 or something?

Why did I mix Red Rooster Rush Energy drink with Sprite and I am seeing stars and ready to take on the world!?

I think I am an adult but I still suffer from child A.D.D not adult…..

Did any of you people who lurk around my page check out Drake? I am telling you he is the hottest eargasm you never had.

I was thinking about getting a tattoo then my friends told me to get one representing Trav---am I wrong for feeling that is “Cliché?”

I now know why they call the Blackberry a Crackberry—I am addicted.

And why was I clueless when people said—hey whats your pin # ping me! Wtf is a ping? Idk but I found my pin # hoes!

I think I love Italian Icee.

I still have those rough nights and I miss Travis terribly.

My friends want me to go to the UniverSoul circus---don’t those fools know I am afraid of clowns…lions…tigers…bears………..elephants….the circus!

Last night in the wood (Dunwoody) a couple started arguing and yelling the boyfriend said: “Stupid B@!$# you cheat, and you want to take the dog! Get out don’t talk to me get out!” Then he yells, “Wait, leave Pookie please let him stay.” See “WE” aint the only crazy ones….

How come Mexicans can put my brakes on my car in 20 minutes in my own drive way and Just Brakes or somewhere “professional” need me to leave my car?

Holy Toledo batman I just got a new job offer……sorry the ADD kicking in once again. So yea….how come FaceOff at UGA wasn’t as good this year?? Because my Alphas didn’t kill it like they normally do…ugh

How come I heard this poet at Urban Grind Café and he was so smooth I want to marry his verbs and have his grammatical babies?

Eh, I don’t have anything else to say so----yeah um…done.

Have a good weekend

1 comment:

Tom_Gurl said...

I love the randomness!!! I need your pin forward on the info...please and thanks!!

I love tattoo's...definitely get one that YOU dont have to have a tattoo to represent Trav if you dont want to...i know he's already tattooed in your heart...

Ever since the movie 'IT'...I don't F with clowns! Nope...not me!!!