Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Randomness/How comes?

*How come I am typing this in Microsoft Word which basically means I have found a way to shuck the man?

*Hey who says Shuck aside from me?

*How come someone owes me money because not only did my family forget my birthday but they had a BBQ and forgot to invite me?! (With you living in Atlanta we tend to forget you.) Who the hell says that? My sister lives in AZ and calls and tells me what's going on!

*How come I see $40,000 checks, $5,000 checks, and $25,000 checks come thru this office but my check has no commas?

*How come I wish I was a little taller?

*How come this random chick is hating on me for no reason? How come I know why…her husband cheats, her mom dislikes her, her 8 year old still pees in the bed and I am still cooler than a polar bears toenails! KICK ROCKS mother of the pee pee boy!

*How come my mixtape concept is hotter than hot in my own opinion so I find myself listening to my intro and saying ha ha ha suckas!

*How come the A&R said..any label will love and hate this concept.

*How come I said I don't give a flying…..fig. J

*How come I am playing T.I. My Swag over and over and thinking this Chorus is about me.

* They wanna know what's so special about her// Why they not like her// It's my swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag*//How she looks so cool// when everyone tries to do what she do// It's my swaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. LOL!

*How come I want that instrumental so bad just so I can do something messy for my mixtape?

(Cause I'm still a rapper—and as my sis Jussy B would say Don't act Brand new you already knew..)

*How come everything that can go wrong is but I feel like I'm living the good life?

*How come I have yet to get one muthafreakin' bowl of Mac N Cheese and I feel like murdering someone before I slave in the kitchen and make my own?

*How come I officially decided to be single and now everyone is calling?

*How come I have something really important to address in the next couple of blogs and if people don't read now…they are really going to stop after this.


Tru story..I'm out.


Daz said...

Welcome back!

Honey-Libra said...

LOL...WOW your fam forgets you too mine does as well and I live in the same state I tell ya LOL

On top of that did you mention mac and cheese cause I'm bout to grub on some right now..well not right now in about 20 min cause I'm going to lunch

Folks always come out the woodworks when you either decide to be single sexxxy and free or bunned up I tell's evil..evil I tell you

How come I want you to prank your roomie by tellin her she won a vacation but she has to show up somewhere in a skimpy outfit you can embarass the piss out of her but that's mean

BTW..I heart T.I. his SAWGGGG is SOOO HAWT LOL (and that HAWT is to be said like a valley girl thanks)

T.C. said...

Ok lil sis...what the frig is goings on....hummmm???? so ready to read the next couple of posts...

haters will be haters

dudes ALWAYS come around when you don't care anymore...

I say bump em all...


Durl said...

How come everything that can go wrong is but I feel like I'm living the good life?"

Consider this stolen.

I'll give you the credit, but it will be repeated a few times.

Honestly, I feel like this often myself. I've managed to convince me that it means I'm finally learning what it is that's REALLY gonna make me happy. So the things you expect to hurt you, while they still may hurt, do so much less than expected.

Zackory Kirk said...

Good post! Glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Well I just got here but I'll be sure to be back for what's comin'.

How come I just found you?

deepnthought said...

how com I say shuck too.

how come I think you are a smokin artist and I have yet to hear for myself.

how come we should hit an open mic night together

how come I am ready to read the next few post

JustMeWriting said...

how come you didn't say...'kick rocks @ the end'...

and how come you called that girl 'mother of the pee pee boy'...HAHAHAHAHA!

Anointed1ne said...

I guess I'm new in your world, and I'll def be back. I feel you on the family forgetting comment. I get highly upset when it occurs to me. Acting like I was never born...shoot

MsRebecca said...

Haha I say shuck.. but I'm also from Kirtland Ohio which is in itself pretty shucked up.. :p

P said...

Whats up Sucka?? Update already!