Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picture this... (A conversation based on pic from the Sidekick 3

This is how I started my Monday

It's not my car it's my friend's car. Not just any friend. One of those Iknewyousincethedaybeforeforever friends. One of those Icouldntimaginemylifewithoutyou friends. So..he calls at...eh....6:22AM are you in Columbus or Atlanta? Um...I'm at home in Atlanta laying on the floor (don't ask..) what do you want? My car just had the worst flat!! Really?? Where... NEWNAN on my way home from Columbus. What??? Yes I went to Columbus to get some from my ex...*Insert the whatthehellface? You couldn't find any in Atlanta?? Ugh, I was going to call out anyway. So I pull myself up from the best sleep ever throw on some clothes and head over. To assist him. I live on exit....20 something. (Sorry stalkers no exact numbers..) Almost by GA 400 he was in NEWNAN. Damn what a way to start a Monday. Oh one quick statement look at that tire...c'mon that didnt just happen. People lets service our cars and make sure our tires are in proper order.

This is one of the reasons I was laid out on the floor...A CRACK SHAKE. What had happened was lol. I walk into the Crack dealer..hmmm what do I want? Let me see.... Cashier guy says--hey we're about to close would you like a Crack shake... (music plays, heaven opens up, Jesus kisses me, the devil kicks rocks, birds chirp, bees are buzzing and a fiend..is happy...) End scene.

Because I had to give the school all of this ^^^^^^ my car gas tank looked like this:

Hello Marta--yeah pick me up stat!

This is my dog Gizmo G. Sanford who pissed me off this weekend..why you ask?? Because she jumped into this bucket which actually had mud in it because my 8 year old brother was making mud pies....She is a Shitzu..but in this picture she just looks like Sh*t... little b*tch!

This is 2/3's of what had me laid out on the floor. Sushi. My God I loved Sushi... This was made fresh by the good people at Chin Chin #7 which I just recently found out existed.

And finally

The last reason I was laid out...this isnt from my phone but this is the same Lazer tag my little brother has!!!!! Why because my mom doesnt throw away toys so guess what?? We had it when were little back in 85 86..now my brother is playing with it and I damn near died playing with him.

*Drops Mic*

PS..I will try to update more consistently and address some real ish this week.....



Honey-Libra said...

All I could do was laugh cause we ALLL know that that flat did NOT just happen LOL..WOW what did he think he was gonna do when the tire finally gave out...

EMMM Crackshakes gotta love em...I'm gonna need you to stop trying to drown your dog and saying that he jumped inthere..why was my dogs name Gizmo AWW I miss him

deepnthought said...

Gizmo G Sanford. cool name.

I need you too stop playing lazer tag and putting it on your lil brother. lol

T.C. said...

1. you are a GREAT friend!
2. you are off the hook, crack shake, sushi and LAZER TAG...*shaking my head* that WILL have you laid out and some more...HA!

Daz said...

Lmao at your dog..you did that lol.. you pushed him!

JustMeWriting said...



Kayla said...

Girl I havent stopped by in a while but you are still killlinnn me!!!!!!!!!!! Hillarious seriously!!!

feels good b n FREE said...

omgoodness..i love this post!!
btw, i love those crack shakes...do u get whipped cream and a cherry?? ummm...i always do.
btw, everything in that place is crak....lmbo
and out gas tanks r looking like they r fam...lol
oh and sushi...YES
that's all i have to say, YES