Thursday, March 15, 2007

Home sweet home...

So....I'm back in ATL!! Feelin' good feelin' great. My weekend ended on
a fuck off note. I wanted to leave roughly around 3 so I'm home by 5.
My mother had other she drug me around and I didn't actually
end up leaving until 5 which put me home at 7. Which is fine. I wasn't
pissed that I arrived at 7 and had plans to go to dinner at 7:30. I was
pissed that it was my time and she jeopardized it. Damn it!

Once I got back to the A, same o' same o'. My T.R was home doing
nothing releshing in her aftersex glow as she calls it. (Ed Sidenote. T.R=
Trifling Roommate). This chic is a character. More on her another time.
I'm sure she'll bug me and I will write about her. But for now more is
less in regards to her.

Finals week is in full swing thank God, once this week is
over.....vacation time. My first two finals were cool, not to tough.
We'll see how the week goes though. I'm fine either way.

My ex called. Damn that weekend visit! No arguing or sarcasm though
just a decent conversation. Which was a nice change. I guess change is
possible when you bring your A game. :-) You know what we never really
argued though we're just too much a like. At least we're cordial for
now. But not cordial enough for me to call his ass....thus moving

I had a conversation with the TR, (told you she'd come up) anyway I've
determined she's not the brightest crayon in the box. She's single and
sleeps with a guy who I'm going to affectionally call Anton (Ed.
Sidenote: Anton is the Bum Damon Wayans played on the sitcom In Living
Color.) Anyway the talk consisted of major complaints about Anton. Why?
Because he's a bum! Literally. This chic openly admits she's
embarrassed to be seen with or tell people that she's sleeping with this dude due
to his bum-like appearance, smell, and behavior. But..he's here 5 out of 7
nights. *Scratches Head* He smells....and you let him lay the pipe.
*Scratches Head* Am I the only one who is confused as hell? I can
understand being alone and thus having a "Buddy," as Musiq has so
affectionately coined it. However, he's Anton for Goodness Sake!!!
*ugh* So after she poured her heart out she asked for my input. What
was I to say? Girl-get-a -damn-clue-this-dude-is-a-damn- bum. Not only
is he a bum but he told her he could careless about cleaning himself up
and futhermore he had the nerve to tell her to clean her room!!! What
the hell? You live in a damn dump with a fridge in it. But I really
didn't feel it was my place to bang her head against the wall of
obvious facts so I just is what it is. Good luck to you. But in my
head I was thinking *Dumb Bytch use your head for more than a hat

Welcome to my world....

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