Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Journey Starts Now...

I wrote this whole long blog yesterday--and just like that it disappeared. So here I am blogging again. This time I've decided to type it in Word Pad before posting...

"There's no mountain i can't climb
There's no tower too high,
No plane that i can't learn how to fly
What do i gotta do to get through to you, to show you"-Eminem

This has been an amazingly long week. The quarter is over, so I've been out of school all week and I am out this week. You'd think that would make the week go by smoother. "Na, Shawty it ain't work like that." The week hasn't been the worst-it just hasn't been the best. I was working with a manager-who "had a vision," when he saw me perform at the Apache' cafe. I fired him. I think our visions were clearly different. He wants "Lil Kim," I'm more..."me," basically. Some good did come out of it all, I was met a guy who is A & R for Sony Records, he actually approached me. He said he heard of me prior to me moving to Atlanta. He's asked me to work on a mixtape to "build a buzz," in Atlanta. No problem right? Actually that is the problem. I can't seem to write what I really want to write.

"I spit this literature,
where hip hop meets scripture, so you react to this,
beget this on a mattress, and the fact is,
tact is a state of mind, and I decided this is now my time..."

Those are the last words I wrote---while sitting in rush hour traffic for and hour and a half in Atlanta.

You know, "Truthfully I want to rhyme like Com Sense.." or Jean Grae I want to say something....about something. But it's hard to get that across at times. This is a side note, but one of the best albums I've ever hear is called, "Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth" It is by far the best mixtape I've ever heard. And believe it or not they have something to say...something more than the obvious. I just want to get to that point. I can't say it will ever happen but I can't sit back and not try right?

I went to JPat Management (Usher's Mother's Management Company) last week, but they wouldn't see me. So I called from the parking lot-they wouldn't talk to me either. I was cool, most management and record labels operate that way. I've only come in contact with one label that has actually talked to me. It was Grand Hustle (T.I's label)and because of that..I look at that label differently. I guess life is like that...everything feels the same until something touches you differently...

So my mixtape journey begins..

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