Sunday, March 11, 2007

Poppin' the First Cherry...I guess

For a long time I've read blogs. <--being one of my favorites. Anyway, I've decided to toss my hat in the blog ring. Who knows what the hell will happen? If anything at least I can let out some of my ramble.

Right now, I'm in beautiful Columbus, GA (that's sarcasm like a mutha...if you didnt catch it). I live in Atlanta but I'm home visiting my family. Why? Thats the question I have been asking myself since I got here.....It's only 1:30 Sunday and I've been ready to go since I got here Friday. (Mind you I drove in as late as possible to cut down on the time I was here in the first place. Triffling huh?--So!)

We're in finals week at school, what the hell made me go back to school? Oh wait I know what it was....the fact that I was tired of sitting in a cube, watching the days turn from morning to evening, while I missed out on life. So what did I do? In a matter of months-literally I decided screw Columbus-I'm going to find a school that will let me live out my passion-that being music quit my cushy job, and go to school.

So it's been a struggle but a good one. The minute I touched down in Atlanta I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I left everything I've known since high school and moved on. Since I worked for a "Fortune 500" company and "THE" company to work for a lot of people were looking at me like I was a complete damn fool. Oh well, screw their asses. (Sidenote: I am a bytch. So....if you plan to read my blog..get used to it.)

Anyway, I realized working at that job..Money can't buy happiness. Who the fuck knew? Kidding. Okay so I found out the hard way. Eh, it's been worth it. I've been out of high school almost 10 years I gotta do something with my life that makes me happy. So now I'm going to school working on my Audio Engineering/Production Degree and looking towards better things. So why the hell I keep going back to the past? My family is there....and my (*cough *cough) ex is there *ugh.* Funny thing about him...people are always your "ex" for a reason right? If they weren't then they wouldn't be ex'es right? (I know it was confusin' but you got what the hell I meant) anyway, physically we never had a problem....NEVER even when were arguing. Physically we never had a problem. So guess what happened this weekend....damn it. Ok, so I initiated it so what! Sue me. It happens. And I enjoyed every minute. Damn it.

This is then.

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The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Thanks for giving me props and for being a loyal reader...I like that!

Umm...your screen name...hehehe...that's what I call MY "ex"...

Welcome to the land of blogging!