Wednesday, May 9, 2007

So Thankful...Kinda.

"I'm the exception to every rule.."
C.I random conversation w/a guy from the Duck HQ

Yep..I quoted myself today. And what? Lol
Apparently people don't like when I don't post. I find that refreshing that someone would want to read my ramble. Imagine the irony of all of that..

Thank you for reading, commenting, and listening to my mumbo jumbo. (lol I said mumbo jumbo...I'm so throwbackish in my lingo huh?-So!)

Anyway, I've been in such a thankful mood, the funny thing is-I've been surrounded by negativity. So let's talk to the negative for a moment. And give thanks for them.
Thank you to my professor.

Professor Strahtezensky who is teaching me Applied Calculus 101 for the Masters and the fact that he told me I am probably going to fail the class. Thank you so much! Had you not told me I am probably going to fail your class I would not have learned the blessing of, "dropping a class!" I was trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to get rid of you. Thank you I love you for calling me a smart ass, and for asking me how I managed to get a B on my last test without being awake. Without you I am nothing.... *laughs, then rolls eyes*

Ed. Note
I'd also like to thank the stupid advisor who told me I had to take Applied Cal when I can really take an easier class---"Ideas of Mathematics" I appreciate you and you inability to do your job. Without you I might actually be headed down the right path. I love you so much!

Thank you to financial aid.
If it was not for you, I would not know the true of experience of working full time and being a college student. After all, it is your job to *NOT* financially aid/assist me. (It's just your name is so misleading) Thank you! If it wasn't for you, I'd be worry and carefree and who needs that.

Thank you Dunwoody Place Luxury homes for being so expensive. But I can't completely give you all of the thanks and just due because as I look on the internet I see that you only typically charge $1120 for the place I currently reside in--so I have to give thanks to my school as well for adding the additional 1075 a month. Thank you. If it wasn't for you I would not know the pleasure of house hunting right now. Thank you!

Thank you Chik-fil-a for being right by my house and having those milkshakes that I know for a fact you put crack in because I find myself shaking, itching, and twitching on the floor when I don't have one. Kick rocks you basturds.

Thank you for 4:30-7:00 traffic in Atlanta. But not just for the traffic for the fact that I leave work in Marietta and drive all the way to my exit...#27 (which coincides with the GA 400 exit) in roughly 7-9 minutes but sit in front my exit for 1hr just to get home again kick rocks! Also I'd like to thank you for giving me the bright idea to get off on Roswell rd, sure the traffic sucks but hey...I knock off a good 10-15 minutes of sitting when I do. And I run into the most addictive chicken on the planet *BOSTON MARKET* wait am I really mad about that one?? *scratches head*

Thank you T.R.
This one is most special because you have truly shown me what my pa-pa (yeah I am 20+ and I still call my grandfather pa-pa get over it) anyway you've shown me what my pa-pa means when he says, "She is a working girl!" Work on girlie work on! I'd also like to thank you for having sex in the living room and leaving condoms AND your underwear on the chase lounge. Without you-I'd possibly know what it was like to sit outside of my room but because of you I itch in any other part of the house. Appreciate you.

Finally I would like to thank the lovely waitress at Chin Chin #..okay I don't remember the number but the one right by Publix off of Peachtree..I'd like to thank you for dropping my Fried California Roll two days ago..making another it to the wrong person...making me late for work and carrying around Sushi..only to get to work to realize that you my lady gave me a Tuna Roll and Crab something or another which isn't what I ordered. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been late to work or hungry. But on a sidenote the homeless guy on exit 20 in Marietta isn't hungry and that truly is because of you. GIVING ME THE WRONG DAMN MEAL! You know what you can do right?? KICK ROCKS!

I LOVE YOU!!! *Drops mic*

(I don't remember who abbreviated my name like that..but um..I loves it.)


DAZ said...

1st.That Duck below is too cool ma.

2nd. This post was so damn funny. I felt like saying, "Tell em why you mad ma!"

3rd. And finally please know we do read your thoughts and look forward to it at Bellsouth!!! I sent some co-workers here last week to read your post that you wrote the letter to God in, I enjoy reading your blog and I do think you are an exception to every rule, at least in terms of "rappers," good luck in all you do and continue to keep us entertained with your daily jargon.

Honey-Libra said...

I DID!!!! WOOOHOOO You can thank me you that nickname was pure inspiration I tell ya I thought long and hard about it (NOT LOL)

Anywho...oh to be thankful for the idiots who make life liveable least the homeless man got food and at least now you know what it's like to be a hoe..through your roomie that is...

deepnthought said...

Okay, why was I like daz, "Tell em why you mad ma".

I laughed so freaking hard. I can so relate to this. I mean really. I have an alternate route from marrietta to dunwoody and it does not involve the highway or roswell. takes about 20+ min. but you miss the foolish traffic. Chick fila puts crack in their milk shakes. lol.

I am one of those people who reads your rambles.

I call my grandfather the same thing. that just means we are special.

T.C. said...

u are you know it already: OFF the HOOK! and I loved it! This was right on time for me...