Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still Standing

“Each and every element that exists in this universe is manifested from a thought first
Through the inner mind's eye of the unseen power in the sky
Gave birth to Mother Earth and all it's worth to you and I
This most loved invention, my conciousness is an extensionof Him,
yet I'm flesh and bone with a mind of my own
To dig deeper than the surface,
whether I learn from your upcomings or your downfalls
we all have individual purpose”
Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob “Still Standing”

What an amazing week, most of my friends have been saying, when we are off Monday the week seems so much longer. Ahhh, not to me young grasshoppers. This week has been great! No matter how my day goes, or the remainder of my week man I feel great. I don’t know what it is…wait yes I do. I’m Blessed man. That’s what keeps me feeling exquisite.

Nope, haven’t got a new place—however I looked at the place in Alpharetta yesterday (it’s not Dunwoody but eh---I like it.) The owner is supposed to make a decision today. Cross your fingers. If I get it you’re all invited to the pool for a little party. (SIKE!) I don’t know all of you suckas! (Just kidding I love you all like play cousins from around the corner.)

I also haven’t had any change in school except I am going to sit out the summer quarter stack and come back and bust a hole in this school situation. I guess I am *still standing*

Why was DeepNThought In Columbus at the same time as me and I missed her??? *UGH*


T.C. said...

That's what i am talkin bout...stand tall sis!!!!

its going to all work and believe that one...its going to all work out and as i am saying this to you i am saying it to me as well

jus butterfli said...

forget deepnthought!! i'm always in columbus at the same time as your ass and you ain't made it over this way yet, sukka!! (lol)

anyhoo... STILL STANDING IS MY FAVORITE GOODIE MOB CD!! i was jus listening to it the other day!! wow... great minds, i guess! :)

continue to have a wonderful... oh, excuse me... EXQUISITE week, lil sis of mine!!

peace, love, and hugs!!

deepnthought said...

what about, I asked somebody if they were supposed to call you and they said no. lol. I was like oh no she didnt, stand me up. lol.

I love that. Still standing is so on point. You are going to stand. you may bend a little but you wont fall and you cant break.

oh and how about you in town with me all the time and I still aint seen you. lol

Mr.Slish said...

Okay Who been sucking on yo toes making you all giddy and shit...Tell me DAMMIT!

Honey-Libra said...

Dang I was getting all excited about coming to a pool party and you pull a SIKE then call me a play cousin from around the corner know one of the dirty ones that your momma tell you not to share your soda with LOL

Ah well..glad your still standing I can say the same about me...hmm wish i were sleep though