Friday, May 25, 2007


“Now when we see each other it's so strange
I don't know whether to hug him or slug him (damn)
I don't know whether to cap him or dap him
I don't know what to think of him,
I don't know what's happenin”

-Jay Z “It aint personal”

I came to Columbus yesterday and when I got up this morning I thought, why am I here? LOL I guess I’ve never been a fan of this city. Even when I lived here. I called my “bestfriends” mother because it was here birthday, and she sounded so excited to hear me. We haven’t talked since I left for Atlanta. We all used to be close. I used to call her mom, my how things change. I used to call my “bestfriend” (notice the quotes and picture someone talking to you and doing the quotes symbol with their fingers-that’s how I feel about her.) anyway, I used to call her family. Now we barely talk. She slept with my ex, and she lied about so much, she took advantage of me, but still calls me bestfriend. Imagine what she would do to an enemy…Now when we see each other it’s so strange, I don’t know whether to hug her or slug her. I don’t know whether to cap her or dap her I don’t know what to think of her…..I don’t know what happenin…

There’s something in me that leads me to believe that everything happens for a reason. I think that’s partly why I cant stay upset about any one thing for more than a moment at a time. For example, financial aid-I was upset when I found out, then I got over it. In fact I am completely over it. Deciding if I go to school this summer cool, if not…then I will take the summer off save money and go the following quarter.

One of my friends went to War, there’s something that lead me to believe he was there for a reason, he died. And I still believe it was for a reason. And please spare me on the “good of war,” talk. Because there’s nothing in me that believes in nor decided to support or NOT support this war. My little sister is in the Army, she’s 22 and an Officer. I am incredibly proud of her. But also afraid at the same time. However, had she not joined the Army and achieved the things she’s achieved I’d never had learned as much as I have about the Army, so I guess everything happens for a reason.

My roommate and I had a long talk, I never mentioned I was moving, nor did I get upset with her. I think that everyone is put in your life at certain points to teach you certain things. I think she was placed in my life at this this time to teach me one of two things. Either she was placed here to teach me the wonders of patience, or how to throw better. Either way I benefit! :-)

On a lighter sideI have 5 possible places to move. I’m excited. Three are in Dunwoody where I currently reside, and one in Smyrna and one is Alpharetta. I decided I would go look at all of them next week, I think I would be cool living in them all. Guess we’ll see what happens. As my friend “D” would say “No Worries.”


JustMeWriting said...

hey lady...yeah, I believe things and even people come about for a of my favorite writings was that reason, season or lifetime, so it's real good that you don't hold on to things you can't change...there's the serenity prayer coming to mind...just stay at peace.

T.C. said...

you are right, everything and everyone comes in your life for a reason or a season...feel its good that you are looking at life as you are...

deepnthought said...

Dunwoody!!!!!!! yaayyyyyyy