Monday, June 25, 2007



My birthday is in 4 days. What could be better than your birthday, it’s Friday and it’s payday? How bout if my family remembers. 10 to 1 my little brother is the only one who remembers because he thinks we should have cake no matter what the occasion.

I watched the Notebook this weekend-that’s actually a good freakin’ movie. How come none of you suckas told me?

I just re-read my first statement I still think it’s true but I realize I don’t know what the heck 10 to 1 means but I’ve seen it on tv.

If I wake up to an email that says, I hope your day goes well because I love you. It lifts my spirits like never before. So when the duck’s lackeys walk in I am on a high and they are irrelevant.

I found one flaw in my house…here’s a story tell me if you find the flaw.
I went to Chic-fil-a, I got a crack shake and some chicken nuggets. I walk in the house go up the first set up stairs when you immediately walk in, take the sharp immediate left and walk up the next set up stairs, hang a right and walk up the next little set, swing the corner and hit the last steps…turn left and go to the last door and go in my room—sit down to enjoy nuggets and the crack shake look down and realize the crack shake is in the much for the crack shake.

If Heroes doesn’t hurry up and come back on I just might lose my freakin’ mind.

Why did the TR text me and say she misses me…her new roommate sucks. Why did I respond…Who is this? OMG I KILL ME.

Why is my favorite commercial the one about text messaging where the mother says who have you been text messaging 50 times a day? And she says.. idk my bff Jill?

Why do I know the whole commercial word for word? And why have I gotten all my friends to fall in love and die laughing at it? Iono..ask my bff’s sucka.

I bet you didn’t know this..
kick rocks
verb; what one would do after someone were to tell them to "F@#k Off" and their only recourse would be a non-violent display of frustration.
If you do not like my answer then kick rocks.You want me to do what.....kick rocks!If you do not like this phrase, then kick rocks!

Yep it’s in the urban dictionary Kick Rock To that suckas!



Amanda said...

You are so quirky! In a dorky kind of way. LOL

And yes, because of you..I AM ADDICTED TO THE IDK MY BFF JILL commercial..jerk.

Tom_Gurl said...

I laughed the whole way through that post! Oh, and FYI 'kick rocks' is now firmly rooted in my vocabulary! So I'mma go kick rocks...

JustMeWriting said...

(I'm slow clappen)LOL...YOU KILL ME..EVERTIME.

I love SHONUFF...(might have to watch that tonight)

never saw notebook...OH YEAH...I SEES THE FLAW...LOL. and THOSE milk-shakes HAVE GOT to contain a least ONE piece of CRACK... because i've not sold the furniture in my house or rented my sons out for odd jobs, but darn if I ain't scrap up some change to get one...just a lil crack will do me...LOL.

deepnthought said...

ok. you are a nut.

I see the issue with the friggin steps.

I love that stoopit commercial.

I love the Notbook. I need to watch it again.

jus butterfli said...

what's crackin' sukka?!! (lol)

you are so silly. and yes, the notebook is a hot flick! i think i've seen it at least 20 times and i loved each one! ooooh... i LOVE those crack shakes from chik-fil-a too!! i usually drink mine up before i get home anyway. (lol)

anyhoo... happy monday crackhead! i love you lots! so, YOU kick rocks to that, chump!!

Mr.Slish said...

Shit I woulda left the crack shake in the car too! All those damn steps had me breathing heavy ova here!

Daz said...

Damn you live in Fort Knox! All them steps

deepnthought said...

oh yeah,
so your birthday is friday?

How about a birthday margerita on me.

I hope it is a good one for you.

Honey-Libra said...

LOL why i talked about kicking rocks today!!


Darn that crack shack that couldnt' walk to you so you wouldnt have to go back outside!!

I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK (and yes I wish I were talking that loud) the book is even better and so is the wedding it's related to the notebook.