Friday, June 15, 2007

So's Friday right?

This post is brought you by the letters: & as in "WHORE" say it with me children "W-H-O-R-E" Thank you Elmo & Zoe for your assistance. I guess it could be as in Watermelon and Hippo too Gosh.

Okay, so I think I am still vaguely suffering from a small form of writers block. I dunno. Maybe I am just blocking all my thoughts so I don’t have to write…um what? I’m confused. Anyway, I do have a story today, a recant of events. Or whatever you want to call it. Last week I completed the proper paperwork to move from school sponsored housing as well as take the next Semester off due to financial aid issues. (KIC…I wanted to say it so bad but I won’ heck KICK ROCKS FINANCIAL AID!). Okay I am better.

Anyway this week I had no classes because I finished all finals last week so I had a week to really relax and pack and be out by Saturday. Since the information I received from the school indicated the 16th which is when children? Saturday. Very good! Please keep that in mind as there will be a pop quiz later in the story.
So-anyway things were going good this week. The T.R was being the T.R but hey—it happens right? So she text me on Tuesday, “hey are you still in Cols?” *Insert what an idiot you saw me making breakfast yesterday here at the apartment look here.* I respond-“who is this?” LMAO I will always send who is this if you never text me. She responds It’s “T.R” let’s protect the dumb ok? So I say, “no I’m in my room I will not be visiting Columbus for some time. What’s up?” T.R. “I need a huge favor, I know that you have access to 420 (the studio upstairs that only students with Semester or less of school have access to but I finagled yes children finagled my way into having an all access pass because I am an engineering assistant. So I say, “yeah.” She replies, “Well I have a project due on Friday I really need your help I have to do voiceovers for this Keep Atlanta Beautiful thing with the Mayor.” So long story short I say cool but I have the equipment at home we can do it there.

So moving Wednesday I am in my room packing my bathroom up and she is in the kitchen with this new girl who we will affectionately call Gay Dude Chick or GDC so I’m packing and she walks in and says oh you’re packing. I said yeah I want to be out by Friday because I will be leaving for an early birthday trip to New Orleans. She says, “No, Bitch you need to be out by Tomorrow because that’s what my paper says.” (Remember she’s an RA so she gets a list. Oh yeah side note---she uses the term “Bitch” in an affectionate manner which I hate because..I
POP QUIZ TIME! What did the note say that I received from HER BOSS? Anyone..yes you there in the back--- speak up? Yes, the 16th you are correct!!! So I say, “no problem.” Thus ending our conversation and she walks out with GDC goes in her room and turns on the “I’m bout to hit something tonight cd” I was like hmmmm. Dare I assume? No need moaning starts. She has sank to an entirely new level. But hey at least we know she has crossover appeal. LMAO.

So Thursday I go to Sony for my internship hit work for a little while with the Ducks agent (gotta love the flexibility) then I head home to pack beating all rush hour(s) traffic. Take that suckas! As I am taking a box to my car in comes my T.R and GDC who heads right for my T.R’s room…*whatever* so the T.R. comes in with her paper can I do the voiceover now. Now at this moment Good Me is on my left side saying—help her this is her grade. But Consistently Inconsistent me is on the right side and wins the battle saying—“ Na shawty I can’t somebody told me I had to be out by today. Good luck with that tho.” A couple of my guy friends throw my tv and clothes in the back of their car I throw 2 fingers 2 the wind drop the gate key, house key, and mail box key down sign my release form and high step out like a champ…



Daz said...


LMAO this post is too funny. I love the way you ended it. But I am glad you are out of the old place, new place-new things. Whens the barbe?

deepnthought said...

ok. why was I ret to put on my tims and drive up the street and whoop her up for calling you the B word. Good thing you clarified

But you are ok. This was a learning experience and you will be better for it.

Amanda said...

LOL @ Crossover appeal,, and 2 fingers..


Glad you are out of this situation. Things always work out huh.

Mr.Slish said...

Drops Mic lol...Thats right Bitches Consistent has left THE BUILDING!!!!

Honey-Libra said...



Chic is a hoe that sleeps with men and women why did I bust out at you saying she got cross over appeal LOL

You are INSANE!! i swear...good job on leaving her hanging she sooo deserved it. I'm mad she throws around the B word cause I would have thrown around the WHORE word but it wouldn't have been nice lol

jus butterfli said...


damn, i sure am gonna miss the pure HILARITY that was t.r.!!


anyhoo... sukka! don't play me like you ain't get my message!! (see how you got me rollin' up in your spot usin' all sorts of bad grammar and ebonics?!! 'skruse you! lmao)

happy friday! congrats on the move. now... back to my message... (clearing throat)

love ya lots! :D

T.C. said...

naw you had to be you was out...sometimes you just gotta say "no" feel me?! good for you...
glad that mess is glad

JustMeWriting said...