Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This post is about you... YEP YOU...

Lately I have been suffering from a serious case of writers block. I can’t write anything. In fact I can’t even jot down thoughts for this blog. So I decided to go with some randomness today..

My entire post is about.. Blogs I Check Out (you know that link on the right side of my page)

Concrete Loop—I am so addicted to this site, although I do hope that one day if I am fortunate enough to make it on this site I don’t find myself in the H.A.M (Hot A&*Mess) category.

D-Nice—this guy is one of my favorite artist of all times. I think he defines the “Renaissance Man,” he raps, dj’s, and through his blog I discovered he is an amazing photographer. I see a lot thru his eyes and from his work.

DeepNThought-Another site that I find myself addicted to and lingering around just to see what she might say next. Secretly I read her blog far before I actually had a blog. My favorite posts are those in which she calls, “Journal Entries-Just putting it out there” Because she does in fact--put it out there and I admire that.

Durl-I found his blog through, “That Girl Tam” and when I read it I thought, was an amazingly in love individual. I also find it interesting to read the male perspective at times. It’s not always the woman who hurts.

Hip & Pop-it’s just an addiction no deep story there .

Honey Libra-She came to my page and read my thoughts and I thought—wow someone read my page. I should go and do the same. And then I was mesmerized by the giant eye on her page lol. It’s like it was looking at me but not looking at me. Thinking what I was thinking but not thinking what I was thinking. Saying what I was saying but not saying anything. LOL From that-I decided I love her thoughts.

Infinite Ink-Another blog I read long before I had a blog, I find her to be the, “Renaissance Women,” and her photography is amazing. Plus she loves Heroes just as I love Heroes and without Heroes there would be no world worth living in... *sigh*

Just Butterfli-Okay, here’s something funny about her. I stumbled onto her page and I have nooo idea how. Then I read her page and her mythological talk (lol) about the plantation and I realized wait a damn minute..we work for the same DUCK! WTF? Then I commented on her page and I realized wait a damn minute..I know HER. Then I text her-and she told me her name and I discovered wait another damn minute!!!!!! Before I moved to ATL and transferred to the Duck’s lackeys I sat two rows from her. For years I sat right by her and never knew how amazing she was. DAMN IT. I guess it just wasn’t our time. But now it is and she is stuck with me Kick rocks and suck it up!

Just me Writing-She visited my page, and I returned the favor. And as I read her page I thought hey she’s cute and quirky. I like reading her page. It’s like my morning pick me up. So I read it and laugh or read it and learn..and there’s nothing you guys can do about it. So there.

Mr. Slish-Secretly I find him amazing. Publically I must hate at all cost because he told me to live in an alley when I was looking for a place to stay and he told me that my name for that dude sucked! So I continue to hate and again there is nothing you can do about it. So there! FYI in the midst of the hate I find him to be very intelligent, a wonderful story teller, and his profile pic aint to shabby at all. But..I am still hatin!

Paula D-She should have a column. I swear she cracks me the hell up. I don’t know what it is but she really makes me laugh. I think it may be her blatant honesty—she defines “Keepin’ it real son”

Tantrum—um she posted on my page, it was thoughtful and endearing and then…she disappeared.

TC-First off I love her profile pic. It makes me happy. I don’t know why but how can you look at that pic and not feel a little jazzy? I dunno but that’s what it makes me feel…jazzy suckas! Anyway I think she also commented on my blog and I went to check hers out-and I realize I like her sensitivity and encouragement. She always lifts me up..and in one post she knocked me into reality. That’s that real ish right there. (Yes, I am from the south we will say sentences like That's that..) Anyway, when someone can build you up and remind you when you are off in la la land to.

That Girl Tam-The first blog I ever read, and I am completely addicted. She’s witty and down to earth and I like reading what she’s going to say next. That’s all it aint nothing more to it.

The OE-my new addiction. I love this blog. Keep it real son. (That’s completely a joke in retrospect to the type of blog he has.)

Todd Kelley-the definitive moment when you realize there is someone who loves something just as much if not more than you do…and you are able to look that someone in the eye and applaud the beauty of which it exists. (Some people will never understand the affair that music and I have.)

WyzWmn’s World-Lmao it took me saying that outloud to realize what it was. And I still laugh about that. I like this blog because I receive both entertainment and knowledge. The Bible says if any man is hungry let him eat if any man is thirsty let him drink--I drink from the cup of knowledge that she pours. (Yeah, I'm deep sometimes huh...)

Honorable mention to: Daz for always leaving me a comment even though he doesn't have a blog.

Well folks that’s all…I am done there’s nothing more to say…

**THANK YOU!** Drops mic/kicks a few rocks.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thank you for the shout out! I didn't know you surfed my blog? Now that I know, I'll be surfin' by yours more often.

Honey-Libra said...

What I got a shout out..see I'm glad I put that eye up there it does some good lol...I love your blog because you are me in another form cause I am so consistenly inconsistent I know it drives those who love me insane LOL

Honey-Libra said...

Yea I know I spelled some stuff wrong..it's lunch time and my brain has gone on it before my body did lol...Lata

Daz said...

HEY!!! I got an honorable mention I rock! Thanks for the mention can I print this out and save it for when you are famous? Then you can sign it for me!

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty cool you went down your whole blog roll and acknowledge everyone thats hot.

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

@ Nikki-Yes, I do read your page quite frequently. I am a huge fan.

@Honey-of course you get a shout out! Duh... even though your eye kind of creeps me out.

@Daz-lol I'm your number one fan! You print this out and sign it for me!

@Anonymous-Hey...thanks for the comment. You're pretty cool yourself!

Amanda said...

HEEEY I know you lol. Nice post.

deepnthought said...

awwwwwww. I read you cause you are so cool. And you inspire me to really be about my business.

jus butterfli said...

awwwww!! you really think i'm amazing?! wow.

and you're right, it is kinda crazee how we were mere feet away from each other for all that time and you had to move to atlanta and start blogging before we became friends and sisters! things happen the way they're supposed to happen tho' and we can't even sweat it! i'm jus glad we've found each other! and i was thinking the same thing you said... "i'm stuck with your hatin' ass now!" (lol) but admittedly, i wouldn't have it any other way. soooo... you kick rock to THAT, sukka! (lol)

peace, love, and big hugs!!

T.C. said...

well hot dog it....i got a shot out...HELLO!!!
well i guess i am sensitive...lol...especially right now...and i SO said "kick rocks" on my blog HA! totally got that from you...

JustMeWriting said...

LOL....LOL...AND ONCE MORE....LOL @ that last line...I thought you were going to say..."SEXUAL CHOCOLATE"...hahahaha! OH, THANK YOU FOR THE HONOR...and that's truely what it is...

-first given honor to God, da pastor, church members and friends...lol. Thanks lady and I'm glad to have been introduced to you as well...kick rocks (4-EVER-LOL)