Thursday, June 28, 2007

We Interrupt this Program

To Bring you a public service announcement from C.I and the good people at

Please buy my sister's book. (And because I am honest let me put it out there..I have not bought my sisters book because I hate the mail and I called her to say---why in the hell do you not have copies for purchase??) But now that she has informed me I will gladly be purchasing it ONLINE tomorrow-Broke people operate on paydays.

With that said..Please don't be a slacker like me log on and buy this book now!

"soul wide shut" is a compilation of poetics that will take the reader on an expedition through the myriad stages of romantic love; from attraction to interaction, from fighting the feeling to free-falling, from first kisses to being completely intimate, from the joy of exclusivity to the pain of losing everything, and all the emotion-filled beautiful things that can happen in-between. [note: some poems contain profanity.]


If you are anywhere near Loganville HOLLER AT ME...SONY IS THROWING ME A BIRTHDAY BASH
Hosted by a few folks you might know!!!

It's a celebration Bitches!!!!


Daz said...

Why do I have a notification that arrives when you post? Am I addicted? Yes. Happy Birthday! (In case you don't post tomorrow)

I will buy the book, because I am a fan of yours and I support those you support.


jus butterfli said...

AWWWWWW!!! i take back everything i said about you having to scratch-n-sniff the computer screen for your birthday mac-n-cheese!! (lmao)

you are one of the SWEETEST lil sisters anyone could eva have!! hate and all!! and how dha hell come i'm jus finding out about this birthday bash?? i would have attended it. :(

thanks in advance Daz for sayin' you'll buy my book!!! 'preciate cha... MUCHLY!! :D

okay. back to work for me.

peace, love, and BIG hugs

Honey-Libra said...

Well you aren't the only lil sis who is slacking I'll be buying mine next week LOL

On top of that how you gonna have a bday party and I cant be there...can you take your comp and I'll log on so it can feel as if I'm there LOL

Cause if know I'm screaming in my head that you should kick rocks off a cliff :)

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...YOU MAKE ME SICK...LOL... THAT WAS SO FUNNY... "UNITYYYY" boy, do I LOVE dave chappell.

ANYWAY, I'm putting your sister's book on my list. CONGRATS to her and happy b-day to you (ahead of time)

The OE said...

Unfortunately we did not know that you were going to be in XXXXXXXXXX, XX. The birthday present was shipped to the XXXXXXXX, XX address on file

Tom_Gurl said...

Happy Birthday Ms C.I....hope your Sony bash is a good'un!! Enjoy your day!!

deepnthought said...

where in the devil is loganville

and this was cute.

I will make you a gourmet meal if you dont get your mac and cheese this weekend