Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Weekend Is Over..

Finals are over and I am feeling pretty good about that. Not much to say spent the weekend relaxing. My grandfather was admitted in the hospital he has severe pneumonia. I went to see him briefly. Other than that I’ve been chillin.

I should have been packing this weekend since I move next week but I didn’t instead I pretty much just enjoyed being off. I was going to work on music, I didn’t bother doing that either. Honestly I think I just needed a break.

I plan to just pack slowly this week. I hate packing. But I am glad to be moving. Thank God for the new spot. A lot of people asked—will you be there alone? Yes and no. I got the spot for a great deal under one condition-when my sister or cousin are in town (both are officers in the army) they get to stay with me. Since I agreed to that, they in turn are going to pay me 100.00 a month a piece which technically leaves me paying only $499 a month for a 3 story townhouse in ATL! Whoo hooo shawty!

On Friday, I went to a funeral too. At the last minute my Bishop asked if I could play because the regular organ player was late and they did not want to wait. So I did. Everything was everything. I realized at the funeral, I know a lot about the Bible. Why is that? Sometimes I feel like I am such a sinner such a screw up, but people keep telling me I am blessed, something big is going to happen for me, God has a plan. I guess I just have to sit and wait.
Iono, anyway I don’t have much to say!

Guess we’ll see as the week goes on! Have a great week!


T.C. said...

you ARE blessed!!!! just look at what you wrote you are ONLY paying $500 a month...and the townhouse is GREAT!!! So I MUST say you are truly blessed...
i think we all know a lot more than we think we know...i know i do, but don't think i do...anyways...

i am glad that you got a chance to relax, i didn't...but i will be tonight because i am getting sick

Andrew The Asshole said...

Dam finals... packing is a bitch too!!!

Durl said...

They say that God is in every one of us. Knowing things that you don't even know you know, or why you know them, just means he has a lot of presence in you.

deepnthought said...

that is so cool
you get the spot for 500.

so cool

jus butterfli said...

hey hatin' heffa!! (lol)

you are blessed & no it's not jus because you're my sister! (lol)

seriously, i'm glad you're finally moving and that your exams went well. so, ummm... since you got this fly new spot, what's up with the birthday celebration??? i'll bring the tequila!

peace, love and BIG hugs!!

Honey-Libra said...

Umm I'm moving in too aight LOL...Get to packing then again I should talk I hate packing and dont even mention unpacking cause those boxes will stay up against the wall until I stub more than one baby toe on them and unpack them in anger :)