Monday, April 2, 2007

Black Girl Lost..The weekend wrap up!!!

"A young wild beautiful love child,
You like them thug style link rockin', then mink coppin
hit you on the sink a hundred dollar drink poppin'
The head'll make him take you shoppin, a foul doctrine..... was innocent, but now you rent-a-dick"
Nas-Black Girl Lost

This weekend was really good, one of the most important people in my life came up here to chill for the weekend and work on his cd. I was happy to see him, in fact I was ecstatic. He came in Friday night eh..early Saturday. He got here at like 2am. From there we did some catching up. Although we've only been apart for a couple of months (Ed.note: I saw him last week briefly when he accompanied me to a friend's mother's funeral) anyway--we had so much to catch up on.

From this weekend I learned a lot. One of the things I learned was why he is so important to me. It's because I value our conversations, our chats, how alike we are, and the fact that he is a "he" and we can be just friends. For me, that's amazing. Anyway-when he got here he gave me a huge hug and said I'm hungry we have to eat..out walks the "T.R.". (Huge Ed. note: Oh I was so annoyed by her this weekend.) Let me give you some background on her before I go on... I have my friend's pictures all over my room because we are just that close. He has pictures of me up..again we're just that close. So anyway she's seen his picture in my room and commented on how unattractive he is. (Another Sidenote he is sooooooo attractive. However his complexion is dark-but his skin is beautiful, it's one of his best features in my opinion.) Anyway she doesn't like men with darker complexions. She says it constantly "Anton," has a light complexion, so does this guy who is suspect (i.e possibly gay) who she fools around with, and these two other guys that she occasionally pops off. Then she wonders why she can't find someone to settle down with. When you limit your options you limit your futre. My mom always told me that you will usually fall in love with a person who is completely out of your element. I believe that and that's why I don't limit myself. But I understand people like what they like. It's just hard for me to understand with her. Her complexion is dark and she despises men who only date women with light complexions but she only dates men with light complexions. *ugh*

Anyway as we're leaving she walks out conveniently. So I introduce him to her "Champ" this is "T.R"..."T.R" this is "Champ" She grabs him and says, "Omg you smell so good, just like a man. She then throws her body against him in a grinding motion. *Ugh* annoyed. So we leave and head to Mc Donald's because we're both too hungry for the Waffle House wait. Anyway we're in line at Mc Donald's chillin' and he turns to me and says, your roommate's a hoe. (Insert no kidding face). Then we talked deeply for a minute. He told me that he was bothered that she didn't know the status of us and she blatanly disrespcted me by throwing herself at him. He was really upset by that. I told him it was cool, because I know the type of person she is. But it did spark thoughts within my mind. Everytime I have company that she knows about if it's male she throws herself at them. Then I noticed that I find myself keeping that dude to myself. He comes over often and when he does he comes directly to my room. Which I love. And he said something to her that made me rape him... The first time he came over she threw herself at him. He pushed her back and told her that he felt very uncomfortable and that he was with me. That was a rape moment. (Ed. note it happens..every now and then men do something wonderful or they just plain exists which drives us wild thus making us rape them get over it lol.) Anyway I digress..

Saturday we went to the gym in my posh apartment complex lol and worked out for about an hr. He told me he was going to have to cover me up because he is noticing how I'm toning up and he doesn't want to kill some dude. Overall it was a good work out. Then we walked back to my apartment and decided that we were going to eat. Soon as we get home my roommate says--hey where are you guys going? I have to have a meeting here at the apartment. So you guys have to be on your best behavior no sex.. she walks out we look at each other and laugh...because no matter how much I tried to explain to her it's not that type of love and closeness. She can't grasp it. She doesn't believe in those type of friendships. Anyway we shower, get dressed, and quietly walk out of the house-because she is having a meeting in the living room. This cum suckin' slut stops her meeting and says where are you going??? I'm broke and hungry...don't leave...Inserty my "Getdafucouttahere face.." "The Champ," puts his hands on my waste and pushes me out the room lol. Hint taken.

It was final four weekend so we got to Applebees and guess who was there? NO ONE!!! Greatness. We ate and enjoyed some casual conversation. Caught up on some old times and laughed about some jokes. Then we went home and worked on some music which was great. In comes the T.R. "oh you guys are back!!!" After a few hours she got annoyed that we werent paying her any attention and left. So we finish working and knock out a few good ideas..and decide we're going to get something to drink. So we leave and do that...she calls and by then it's roughly about 11...her birthday was Sunday so I decided I'd go and get her a gift. I'm not heartless bastard. Just an occasional bitch. Anyway we get her a cute little purple bucket, fill it with Candy and sign a card. We get back and decide to go to work on the cd, my production game was flawless by the way, anyway we work more she comes in and says can I hang out..sure why not.

Somehow we end up in the midst of the deepest sex conversation ever. NOT. It was only deep to her. What happen was he was in the booth working and he says look at the pics I took of myself in my phone. He's been working with a nutrionist and taking pics of himself to show progress....ok they were nude. Anyway, I've seen him nude before get over it. So he's like what do you think? I say I love it. You look amazing. He says, yeah look at my "v" I have a thing for the "v" area on a man. I find it amazingly sexy. That's when she goes crazy is he naked?? Lemme see. He says, no you can't. She gets incredibly upset and that's when the sex talk starts. She's blantanly throwing herself at him...he's not enthused. I'm impressed. We then get back to work--she heads to bed. Or so we thought. She actually went to where he was sleeping and laid down. So as we're working she actually falls asleep in the nude..waiting for him. (*Insert my Imma beat the hell outta this cum suckin slut now face) So he goes out and comes back in my room whispering I'm sleeping with you tonight. I say why? He says come look. Naked hoe right in his bed. WTF? I was extremely pissed.

We got to bed...wake up and she's in her room "embarrassed.." as she says lying slut. Anyway we get dressed and go to "The Champs" friends funeral. He asked me to go, I asked him to go to the funeral I went to on Monday, so it was only fair that I return the favor. We've been friends for roughly 10 years, I've only seen him cry once. I didn't expect him to cry at the funeral. He didn't. But when we got to the grave sight, he became overwhelmed. He reached down grabbed my hand and when I looked up--tears were flowing down. I was sad-but honored that he was able to let that side out with me. Another defining moment in our friendship. We left the funeral and went to Boston Market. Greatness--food was yummy.

Got home worked on some music, took a nap together and relaxed. Woke up to me in the bed, him on one side of me, her at the bottom of the bed..we get up, he says goodbye, gives me a hug, and kiss..and heads out. I clean up our apartment because I am anal about cleanliness. She gets up heads to her room. Lord Help me because I am going to kill this slut.

Damn this is long...


Mr.Slish said...

Thats was Looong...I have a friend like you. It would ruin our friendship if we ever traveled down lusty lane...

jus butterfli said...

ahahahaha! this was a great post!! i gotta admit tho', i was waiting for you to say you had to slap dha shit outta T.R. (LOL)

your friendship with Champ sounds sooooo like one i used to have with my friend Derrick. God, i miss those days!! (sigh)

anyway, LOVED the whole "rape" explanation! i think i might have to expand on that one day on my own blog! :D i love stealing ideas. you'll soon learn i'm a biter! (LOL)

peace, love and hugs!!