Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Music Makes Me High

Last night I had a talk with God
we talked about how rap was so so hard
I break my back to get up on the mic and rock a session
and now that I'm improving I'm bound to feel the essence
these chics is like Donahue they throwin' out questions
Cause I keep my clothes on these chics same I'm lame
But I feel God gave me blessings
and since I was born the kid had lyrical fitness
but call me Jehovah cause I'm still trying to get a witness
It's now or later just like the candy I'm handy...
to give you what you need
Thought music for your mind satisfaction guaranteed
see no if and or buts who to blame
blame ya self for the lame ha music must change
I have ups and downs like longitude and latititude
me without a mic is like God having and attitude

-I told Jesus c.2001

1 comment:

Mr.Slish said...

I really liked that..Wish I caould have heard you do it live.