Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I once heard a saying although I am not sure who said it but I remember seeing it in the 5 Heart Beats when Robert Townsend's Character wins an award for songwriter of the year I think. Anyway he basically said, being a good writer means suffering some. So I guess without pain, there's really no life.
From Sunday to Tuesday is a short period of time. During that time I've learned that sometimes you never know how much you loved something or wanted something until it's given to you then immediately taken away without your consent.
Ive grown a tremendous amount in these few days, and I'm happy "That Dude.." flew here. I'm amazingly blessed for the things I have, but I openly admit to you Lord, I'm sad. I know you don't make mistakes and I am aware of all the cliche's everything happens for a reason... I just hope the reason it "written and plain," so that I can understand more.
As of right now, thats all I want to say about the situation.

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