Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up!

This picture has nothing to do with anything, I just found it very funny.

I had a really good weekend. I guess time does fly when you are having fun. One of my closest friends from Columbus, the one who is 16 years older than me, came up and we had dinner and really talked. Funny thing we met when I worked for the duck and initially I was like gosh, this chic is nuts. It wasn't that she was nuts, it's that she would worry me to death about random things like hanging out or whatever. Like if she said you wanna go out? And I said ok. She would bug me about it the rest of the day. But I've come to realize thats her personality. Anyway, since I've left Columbus she and I have really been talking. And I've learned we're a like in a lot of ways. I also learned a lot about her. Not just her the outward but her inward. I'm glad that I was blessed to add another person to my life that I can truly call, "friend." For me that's rare.
After dinner (and a few drinks *cough* cough*) I went home. And here's where things get interesting.. the T.R had weekend company. Okay, I know you guys are like, "What else is new?" Relax grasshoppers here's the new part. 3 guys. Don't re-read it you read right. 3 guys. Two slept in her room. One slept on our couch. So as I am stumbling past the couch there is this random guy is strolled out, I stumble into the kitchen looking for snacks...why do I always want snacks after drinking? Anyway, I'm at the sink which is somewhat of a bar and over looks the living room where this guy has his rusty nuts laying on our couch. I'm assuming he is asleep so I am trying to be really quiet at the sink. When rusty nuts looks up and says, "what up shorty you need some help? Want some company? " *Rolls eyes* Getdafucouttahere this is not happening.
Anyway, I turn to old rusty nuts and say, "No thank you, I'm good." He proceeds to ask my name, where am I from, can he come in my room?! What the hell?? So I call *That dude* and tell him to come over. Immediately. 15 minutes later he was there. (Ed. Note why the hell is his hotel always so close to my house. Is That Dude watching me? Sexy bastard.) Moving along..old rusty nuts says-I am single you single? Your roommate said you single but you got a friend or whatever. You looking to meet someone new? What you trying to do tonight? Where you been? *Rolls eyes* Whatdafuccisthisthemuthafuckin FBI???? Where the hell is that dude??????? Finally the phone rings. I look down at the Caller Id but before I can actually pick it up T.R grabs it. S'all goodie! I was still able to notice the caller Id and it was OUR GATE CALLING!! Thank God for that dude.. T.R comes out of her room in her normal bra/panty ensemble and says gate was for you it was that dude sounding so sexy I buzzed him in. *Insert my Is Consistent gonna have to choke a bitch face!?" Anyway that dude comes in, with his ever so cocky ass and walks right past old rusty nuts (doesn't that nickname crack you up? Don't front!) anyway he walks right past him grabs me by the waist and heads in the room. I hate that I love him so much. Damn it. Anyway fast forward. :-)
I had so much to do today. (Sunday) That dude had to leave early to catch a flight to Baltimore. I felt a little upset that he left *sigh* but a little relieved to because our situation is based on the phrase.."too much of a good thing.." you know?! Anyway, I had a meeting with a Sony rep and one with the Ducks RSC (Regional Sales Coordinator). Both meetings went well. The Sony rep just wanted to make sure I was working on my mixtape and to touch base with me. *awwww how sweet.* I wonder if I should have told him that I met someone from Grandhustle? Ahhh, oh well.
The Ducks RSC, wanted me to meet with him because I came highly recommended from the Duck headquarters. Lol that sounds funnny. Anyway, long story short I took the job. I took it for a couple of reasons. He's paying me $7.50 more than I was making at the Duck headquarters. Now money isnt everything and if my happiness is jeopardize I will quit in an instance.. Plus he is willing to work around my school schedule and right now that's very important. Not to mention right now I work at the "box thrower capital of the world," lol and manual labor just isnt for me. As a matter of fact everytime I see brown trucks now I feel slightly traumatized. Lol.
Well I guess my mindless ramble is done for now. Have a wonderful Monday everyone! Peace, Blessings, & Continued elevation throughout this week.
A Pefect Imperfection, Me.
Yes, the T.R did, with both guys at the same time and lived to tell me about it. *gag, cough, barf*


Kayla said...

Hey, I occasionally read your blog. Ok I must admit. I'm addicted! I am glad that you had a good weekend.

I can't wait to hear your music again. And I really like your relationship with that dude. Have a good week!

jus butterfli said...

first... here i am sitting in my slave quarters @ "the duck" & wouldn't you know i made a big scene laughin' out loud @ that damn cartoon @ the top of your page! i'ont know... for some reason, i find it completely hilarious!! (LMAO)


glad you had a good week-end! and lemme ask you sumthin'... how dha hell did you get hooked up with that triflin' ass room-mate of yours?!?? y'all jus seem so different...

anyhoo! happy monday and have a glorious week, momma!

peace, love and hugs.

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

@ Kayla-I love your name! Thanks for reading my blog. It's nothing dramatic my life is just a little bit of humor in the twinkle of the Lord's eye. lol

@Jus-girl that cartoon had me rollin' when I saw it. I figured no music quote today-this is perfect! As for my roommate girl!!!!! long story short the school put us together at the last minute. LITERALLY. 6 hours before classes started in January. Remind me when we meet to tell you the story!!!

deepnthought said...

I wanted to ask the same question jus did. That roomie of yours is something else.

rusty nuts=lmao

that cartoon cracked me up.

Say the word and we can do the ninja sneak on the TR.

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

@deep, girl let's sneak attack her in her sleep lol. I almost did over that comment over *that dude* she dont know I'm crazy when it comes to him!

T.C. said...

ok...since i am new and don't know the whole story, i won't comment on t.r., except to say a HELL naw...couldn't do it...i couldn't do it...we'd be fighting like in the streets scarpping...random folks in the house..again oh HELL NO!

moving on

rutsy nuts-CLASSIC!
cartoon- CLASSIC!

glad you had a good weekend!

Consistently Inconsistent... said...


Girl you have no idea. She is a trip if I ever seen one. I dont know how I put up with her seriously.