Monday, April 16, 2007

*Monday* Grrrrrr!

Grrrr it's Monday!

I'm filled with random thoughts..

Why did my roommate have a meet and greet for her new residents under her..and she is now with one and he's under her. Something is so morally wrong with me that I can joke about her sexcapades. Something is even more morally wrong that I've grown to accept or even expect the whole thing! But I must admit dude is probably thinking he is the luckiest 21 year old new student on the planet. Some welcoming R.A. He probably thinks R.A stands for Resident Ass! *Wow*
(I slay me! No, really I do!)

Ahh, the joy of laughter*

I hate Mondays, but if there were no Mondays I'd probably hate Tuesdays. Sorry Monday someone has to take the blame. Anyway, despite Monday being the sucky day, today went fairly well. Actually the weekend went fairly well too. I finished working on my cd too-but I haven't put it together yet. Basically I've been listening to the CD to determine the yes and no's and I will go from there. It's just a mixtape but it feels kind of monumental. I also worked on Champ's CD. We're just about done. Thank God because he is driving me nuts.
*Um let's see what else to talk about? *
Nothing to report on *That Dude* (Sorry Slish, I can't think of a better name. See it's not really the name as much as it is how you say the name at the moment lol.)
Basically nothing more to say however...Daz did email me and ask me to write a poem. So I'll just drop a line here right now rather than try to think of something because..........I don't feel like pondering.
Anyway, without further ado..For Daz.
I drop liquid thoughts
On premeditated papers
I look in the face of life
And blow kisses to happiness
Life disguises change in the midst
Of variety and it's entirety
I guess I’m life.
Um I dont know where else I am going with that one. So here's another.
Last night I prayed to God
which for the common sinner is hard
I asked for you...
I begged for you..
Then I hungered for you..
In the Midnight hour
God answered my prayers
and fed me with your love
and I have never stop thanking him.
That's all I got, I got nothing else Daz. Sorry. Maybe something will come to me. But off the top of my head that's all I got curse these dead brain cells lol.


DAZ said...

I love em!!! I didnt think you were going to write the poems. Doing them off top was extra cool too.

Did I mention your roommate is a little "loose" as my grandmother would say?!

DAZ said...

Did I mention the 2nd one was sexy as heck 2?!

Todd (Big La) Kelley said...


T.C. said...

monday does in deed suck!

jus butterfli said...

i hate mondays too, ladybug! (lol)

and the r.a. meaning resident ass slayed me too! i guess it was so funny because i know you can't stand your room-mate. btw, i'm still saving that bail money, so... (hehehe)

I drop liquid thoughts
On premeditated papers
I look in the face of life
And blow kisses to happiness

almost stole it, but i didn't want you actin' brand new (i'm bringin that phrase back. lol) and shit. :D

hope the week's gettin' better by the day!!

peace, love and hugs!