Saturday, April 7, 2007

Is this thing still on??

"He loves my hip hop
I love his flow
I love his thoughts
I never talked to him but...

I've seen his movements and the way his head
grooves to the sax in the back of the room
while mellow chats fill the air never once leaving the tune for mere conversation
head, arms, body, and soul anticipating
the next words to leave my mouth
and travel through the air, sometimes reaching him in mid stare, in the back of the room
amidst the cloudy air he sits glancing at my thoughts in the same chair
And from that I just know..

I love his thoughts..."


I'm in Columbus, GA right now relaxing with my little brother since it's Easter weekend. Right now he's whippin' some virtual ass on his wrestling game. I think in my blog I'm going to call him lil' wrestler. So now we have T.R-trifling roommate, Champ-my close male friend, Anton-the bummy dude my T.R sleeps with, and Suspect the guy who she does that I suspect is gay that she tries to sleep with but he can't stay up unless he getting head. What a variety of characters.

Anyway, I posted another poem. It's called, "I love his thoughts.." Most of my poems were from a book I wanted to write but I never really knew how to go about in publishing the book so they are basically sitting here in my room. In a notebook doing nothing. Occasionally I read them and I think I will post a couple here and there. A guy emailed me and asked--is that last poem what I think it's about? I guess he was too embarrassed to post. Um..depends sucka. What are you thinking? LOL

I think it could be interpreted in many ways. But is it about sex? Is that what you're asking??! Damn it spit it out?! Just kiddin' guy. Yes it's about sex, or at least the emotions involved with some portions of sex. (Brain...that's not a hard metaphor) Damn it. There's that sarcasm again. My fault buddy.

Anyway it's about sex to a certain extent it's also about emotions tied in with sex. Champ once told me that he is in love with talking about sex, but he feels disgusted when a woman says it in such a vulgar way that it's no longer sexy. So I guess that poem was my attempt to say it in a semi-decent way so as to not sound vulgar.

By the way, "Happy why the hell are bunnies and eggs involved day!"


Daz said...

I'm vastly becoming a fan of your site. I am enjoying your thoughts and poetry. Best of luck.

Mr.Slish said...

Champs dislikes vulgar dirty talking women But But But WHYYYYYYYY! Thats