Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday huh?

"Fake love, fake fuck, fake thugs
Gotta one myself for your fake shit,
I raise up"
-Jay Z It aint Personal
I think you live and you learn and you pray that somewhere down the line you right your wrongs and live the straight and narrow. Sometimes, I think there are foothills, mountains, mole hill, cum suckas, and obstacles placed in your way to prevent that. I can only be me.
Rarely do I say it, but I am so thankful for family and true friends. Those that send me a text message just to say hello, those who tell me when I'm out of line, those that tell me to go re-write something I wrote. Those that can say, "Fuck you, now let's go eat dinner." I need those people. I feed off of them as much as they feed off of me.
I have a bestfriend. Not my first ever bestfriend and honestly not someone who I even call bestfriend anymore. Honestly I don't think we even know each other anymore. Long story--nonetheless I've learned difficult things about her. It makes me wonder how can you want to see me so happy, want to see me with sunshine and rainbows..but then you shit on my rainbow and piss on my sun? (Lord, forgive me but you know I'm working on my mouth...)
*Damn it*
I guess I still have so much to learn.
  • Tell me, why is it that I live in Dunwoody and can't find one muthafreakin' Churches, KFC, or Popeye's chicken?!! Can I just have one damn biscuit and a piece of chicken!!!!!!! Son of ...sorry.

  • Why is it that Permeter mall is too damn big?'

  • Why is it that I work for a slave driver and now that I have been offered a job with the duck’s agent up here I feel like the slave driver might not be to bad?
  • Why is it that no one wants you until you are not looking?

  • Why is it that when vacuuming I pick up paper look at it and throw it back down if I can vacuum over it?

  • Why is it that I love Raisin Bran but hate Raisins but can’t eat Raisin Bran without the Raisins?

  • Why is it that people think I am going to six flags with them because the duck is sending them?

  • Why is it that I find it so amazingly attractive when a man smells good?
  • Why is it that gas prices are so mutha freakin high?

  • Why do I love the Apache Cafe? I love the poetry I love the ambience, I love performing there, I love the crab cakes. *WOW*

  • Why is it Thursday, I'm alone in my room and I couldn't be happier at this moment? Silence is sometime so golden. Today I needed this silence. Thank you God for Silence.


deepnthought said...

first time commenting and wont be my last.

There is a popeyes and a kfc on roswell road. in dunwoody and in roswell. even though I dont eat them anymore I know where they are.

why do I feel this post in more ways than one.

why is it that I too love raisin bran and hate raisins and cant it raisin bran without raisins.

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

You seriously saved my life. I was about to kill a random chicken!

jus butterfli said...

hey missy!!

i love this post. i think i jus love "random thoughts" because they allow me the time to get all up in your head. (lol)

these, i could REALLY relate to:

Why is it that I find it so amazingly attractive when a man smells good?

Why is it that gas prices are so mutha freakin high?

Silence is sometime so golden. Thank you God for Silence.

take it easy momma! peace, love and big hugs!!

oh yeah... and i'm g'on need you to take it easy on "the duck"!! (lmao)

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

jus butterfli-I love the duck and he loves me. We just have our issues. I will probably conform and take the job.

a mans smell is my weakness. Thats how that dude gets over on me when I am pissed at him.

It is What It Is... said...

Awe mann...what a great post. Ain't nothing like the friends that just call to be calling...ain't nothing like the ones that can say "f*ck" you and keep it moving and give you a hug later...great post...