Thursday, April 5, 2007

Is this thing on???

Let's play a game called

You do me I do you

erupt ya soul

through words like flowers in bloom

release tenacious


thru illuminating vibrations

until thoughts become


through visualizations

a touch of words

creates a tingle of sensation

glass jaws

amidst hammering thoughts

caught between reality and fiction

friction increasing

amongst the sane

relaxation to ease the pain

of words..

giving satisfying brain.



Daz said...

Girl, that was the best brain I have ever received. :-) So you're a poet too huh?? Multi-facited or however you spell that. Have a wonderful Easter.

Todd Kelley said...

whew.. yo pen be on fiya!

'Sup, girl. Stoppin' by to return the luv.

Peace n' La™

jus butterfli said...

well... ummm... hmmm...

i don't wanna make this out to be something it's not, so i'll jus tell you that i think it definitely has extremely erotic undertones! (LOL)

i loved the flow of it. i'm a sukka for words and this was a feast for my eyes. can you say: HOT-NESS??? :)

peace momma! love and hugs, too!