Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dear God..

"Too many scenes of violence
led to moments of silence
and empty carcuses lying where my friends one resided
I'm divided a victim of society
the man is eyein' me
Dear God Please let me survive the dyer need
to grab a crack pipe and release some tension
cause ascension has left me reminiscent
of my family members that have blow it away
throw it away....
I wanna be old and watch my hair turn grey but I'm afraid..."

"Dear God.." c. 1999 (written and produced by me...)

I wrote that years ago after three of my friends were killed and I still feel it in my soul like it was yesterday. After "The Champ's" friend was killed-he asked for a copy of this song. It's old and the sound is a bit off but I guess the point came across. You can check it out above temporarily.


Daz said...

Hey, I just started reading your page. I love it. I like hearing about your music side and regular life side I hope you make it that way I can read your page and feel like I knew you when lol. Good luck, by the way I like that song. We don't always want snap music, or other garbage shoved down our throat. Good luck lil mama.

jus butterfli said...

heyyyy momma!! i told you i was comin'!! :)

LOVE the song!! it didn't sound
"off" at all to me! but then again, maybe that's why i'm NOT a producer, huh? (LOL)

anyway... i'm sorry that real life experiences had to be the catalyst for this song; but it'll only make you stronger!! keep growin'... keep vibin'...

peace, love and hugs!!

WyzWmn© said...

found you
from you findin me

like the tune - sounds like you are taking the best from the bad and working thru it

well done!

Todd Kelley said...

I feel ya. I had a crew of 8 that I ran with when i was a young buck. Lost 6 of 'em over a 3 year period. IT got to the point where you just expected one of your homies to die. A sad state of life back then.

You got real skill, lady. Keep doin' yo thing. I'm glad you found me online.

Peace n' La™