Friday, April 13, 2007

Random Facts

20 Random Facts about me.

  • I used to work for a duck.
  • I've only said, "I love you," four times. Two of those times were to, "That Dude"
  • I don't cry. It takes pain in my soul for me to cry. I cried 9/11 because my great grandmother died. That was the last time until this past weekend. My soul really hurt.
  • I'm allergic to ants. Those little basturds could kill me. Grrr!
  • I say, "Grrr," when I am frustrated.
  • I have 24 ringtones but the only custom ring tones are: Mom-My love, Siblings-Go Getta, Grandma-Imagine Me, Champ-Because of you, and "That Dude"-I Can't leave you alone/Promise depending on my mood. All other calls ring like a phone-what a concept huh?
  • I used to play basketball and could have went to NC to play ball, instead I turned the scholarship down to support a friend who recently found a new guy and could careless about me now that she is doing well.
  • I stopped eating pork and red meat when I was 11, my mother once served pork chops, ham, steak, and roast everyday for 3 weeks to see if I would break. I didnt eat for three weeks. To this day she never says, "You'll eat what I cook or not eat at all.." because I broke that theory.
  • My grandmother is one of my bestfriends. If not the best. Another of my bestfriends is 16 years older than me and I love her like a sister. My little brother is my favorite person on the planet and he's 8. My sister is 22 and I love her more than life itself.
  • The sexiest thing about "That Dude," to me is his commitment to me.
  • I don't think I am pretty but I got hella game and I am a great friend. People have always said I am an amazing listener.
  • My bestfriend died when I was 12, I miss him everyday of my life.
    "That Dude," flew to see me because I text the words.."I need u." I do need him. People will never understand our situation.
  • I'm addicted to "Girlfriends," and "Heroes."
  • When "Champ" and I have a show-I always have sex prior. It releases the energy. *ugh*
  • I was once in an abusive relationship-"That Dude," saved me despite it being during our off time.
  • I'm afraid I will die young. (Sidenote: Most people think I'm 17-I wish)
  • I never knew I wanted children until this past weekend.
  • I will be graduating next year with a BA (2 years faster than most)
  • It took me 3hrs to think of these random facts and I didnt slap my roommate once. Thought about it twice.

Happy Friday to those who glance at my random ramble.


J. said...

Those were interesting facts. "That Dude," kinda seems lucky. Your "situation," is kinda cool.


Paula D. said...

Girl I'm addicted to Heroes also! I love that show!

Mr.Slish said...

I've tried several times to write down random facts about myself, but somehow they just tirn into full blown

"That Dude" Cmon constistent you could give the man you've probably given your heart to a better name than that....:)

Todd (Big La) Kelley said...

i love random thoughts. i need to start doing that!


T.C. said...

my first time here and i really enjoyed your randomness..."that dude" sounds like a wonderful guy...more than just that dude...but i can dig it...i shall return