Monday, April 23, 2007

By Popular demand I present how I met T.R

ME + =

Let’s start at the beginning. Back in or around June I decided I was going to go back to school. I really wanted something more than being confined in my cube day in and day out. Granted I got off at 2:30 and I pretty much lounged around and I didn’t do in the department I worked in and the money was good, I still felt it wasn’t enough. I needed to be in a position to pursue music or at least build the strong foundation for the things I want to do in the future. So I decided I would attend The Art Institute of Atlanta, at the time one of my friends was living in Atlanta-he had left the duck too and needed a roommate since his family was telling him to get the hell out. I decided I needed to be gone by January 1st new year new start. So I decided I needed to pursue school actively again, I called the friend in Atlanta and he was really not making an effort to find a place I was doing all the work. Not a good look.
So I applied at the school and got accepted. I was starting classes on January 8th. Immediately I started contacting the school, I needed a place to stay or I would be forced to commute from Columbus to Atlanta daily. The school admissions counselor wasn’t returning my calls. Stupid Bytch! So January 6th rolls around and I go up to Atlanta for orientation. 8 long hour and finally I could drive back to Columbus---when I hear my name being yelled across the room. I look and it’s the Dean of Housing. He says we’ve been looking for you. We have an apartment for you! What the hell? Cool! I couldn’t be happier. So I get in the office and they tell me to fill out this form, I complete the form at the top it has me living in the “honors housing,” I’m like 0k. I am about to be living it up. In walks “Closet Man,” (I am calling him that because he was so openly gay but in complete denial until about a week or two ago) he says wait, wait you need to fill out this other form for these apartments. The ones I currently live in. I’m like okay cool. So he’s rushing me to complete the form and hurrying me along.
Come to find out, the T.R’s old roommate who graduated months prior was still living in the apartment (which is included in your tuition so no monthly bills but you have all the perks, cable, gated community, phone, etc etc.). Anyway “Closet man,” knew this and he is as messy as the most trifling females. He was trying to get my T.R caught. So while he is rushing me, he’s on the phone with her telling her don’t worry I got your back I’m putting her in honors housing. When really he was setting her up. He was telling their boss that my T.R still had the old roommate living there and he could prove it. Anyway, her boss ends up calling her to let her know that I was coming by to see where I would be staying. So here I go strolling through blindly to this apartment. Meanwhile the “Closet Man,” called and told the T.R you won’t like her, she is a bytch, she fought for this apartment etc. etc. watch your back girl. So the T.R is packing everything as fast as she can to avoid me finding out that her roommate is still there. And already hating me because, "Closet Man," is filling her head with garbage.
So I get to the apartment meet the T.R and we click. She seems cool. Anyway, I move in on the 8th because I still had my condo in Columbus and figured I would enjoy the last few days in it. Anyway for the first few days we don’t really talk I go to class and this other chic is lounging on our couch and I get the weird feeling I am UNWANTED. WTF? This is my house. So the other chic leaves one night and my roommate and I talk--that’s when I find out all the above stuff. That old girl doesn’t have a place to stay, she has no where else to go, Closet Man knew and set her up. I was just a pawn in all of it. Time moved on me and the T.R talked more and she is an okay person-I wouldn’t hang with her if we didn’t live together because she not only has the same birthday as my supposed to be best friend, but they have the same characteristics--not trying to go that route again.
Anyway that’s how we met. At this point-the other chic and the T.R arent friends anymore. How bout she got an apartment last month and when she moved out- she took most of my T.R’s stuff! LMAO and that my friends is how I got this roommate!


deepnthought said...

ok. So, I see now. very interesting.

I still offer my beat down services when needed. Closet man needs to get b**** slapped. just for gp.

Why was I dying when I first came to the page. you+ Heroes= tyrone biggums. lol.....

jus butterfli said...


boy! i LOVES (yes with an "s") me some tyrone biggums!! (LOL)

anyhoo... okay. not i see how you got hooked up with her triflin' ass. okay. shoulda known it wasn't by choice!


peace, love and big hugs!

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

*grabs black sweatsuit*

anytime you wanna do this..lets go.

This weekend. :-)